Oumuamua May Not Be An Alien Spaceship But Interesting Nonetheless

Oumuamua May Not Be An Alien Spaceship But Interesting Nonetheless

They suspect Oumuamua could be the first of many visitors from distant solar systems.

This theory was controversial from day one, and an worldwide team of researchers argues that Oumuamua has a natural origin. It most likely has a high metal content and spins on its own axis every 7.3 hours. This complex and convoluted shape means the object varies incredibly in brightness.

That aspect ratio is greater than that of any asteroid or asteroid observed in our solar system to date. Several telescopes on the ground and one in space took limited observations of 'Oumuamua as it flew away, but astronomers were unable to examine it in full. The object, named 'Oumuamua, travelled past the sun at 196,000 miles per hour. They dubbed it 'Oumuamua.

Last year, a Harvard paper alleged that it was an alien spacecraft sent to investigate Earth. Instead, the paper says evidence strongly suggests 'Oumuamua has a natural origin, and was not the technological product of an alien civilization. But a paper a year ago from Harvard astrophysics enfant awful Avi Loeb briefly suggested the possibility that the rock was an alien probe. Was this the moment that humanity would confirm the existence of extraterrestrial life? The findings were reported in the journal Nature Astronomy. "The alien spacecraft hypothesis is a fun idea", he added, but the study suggests there are many natural explanations for it. CNN has reached out to Loeb and Bialy for comment.

"We have never seen anything like 'Oumuamua in our solar system. It's really a mystery still", said study co-author Matthew Knight of the University of Maryland Department of Astronomy.

'But our preference is to stick with analogues we know, unless or until we find something unique'.

It was initially classified as a comet, but doesn't appear to be made of ice and doesn't emit gases like a comet would. "But visually, it hasn't ever displayed any of the comet-like characteristics we'd expect". Also, astronomers noted that Oumuamua didn't have a jet of gas pushing it, which is a common characteristic of comets.

The 14-member team from France, Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom and the USA analysed existing data and argued that Oumuamua's features and trajectory - although surprising - could still be explained through natural phenomena. It's possible that the object was in a system with a gas giant planet orbiting a star and the orbit could have ejected 'Oumuamua. Oumuamua may have also come from a cluster of small objects outside the Solar System similar to the Oort Cloud, which is believed to have been created by Jupiter. "We tend to assume that the physical processes we observe here, close to home, are universal".

As for 'Oumuamua, it is now on the other side of the planet Saturn, continuing its trip, flying out of our solar system, to who knows where.

The context may change if we manage to track down a remarkable trait, but it seems that there are a generous plethora of natural phenomena which may explain the unusual speed of the object.

Explanations behind the shape, rotation and point of origin remain. That telescope is called the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, or LSST.

Oumuamua (artist's impression pictured) is the first known object to pass through solar system from outside, but experts have failed to explain where the object came from.

A team of researchers has debunked a conspiracy theory related to the exotic interstellar object which passed through our galaxy less than one year ago, the so-called Oumuamua.

'The LSST will be leaps and bounds beyond any other survey we have in terms of capability to find small interstellar visitors. "That's when we'll start to know whether 'Oumuamua is weird, or common", Knight explained. "We have all the data we're ever going to have about 'Oumuamua". "If we find 10-20 of these things and 'Oumuamua still looks unusual, we'll have to reexamine our explanations".



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