Do Pets Need Exercise And Why?

Not everyone can become a sportsperson that we often see on our TVs, social media or even on the offers that we can see after having completed the Premier Bet Malawi registration. Understandable. But nobody’s asking us to. We just need to be a bit more physically active, right? Regardless of the type of person you are, active or a couch potato, you must know by now just how beneficial exercises are for your health.  Working out on a regular basis doesn’t only make us look better, but it also affects our physical and mental health on many levels. 

So knowing all that, why do we keep our pets inactive? Your cats and dogs need physical activity on a daily level to be their happiest selves.

In this article, we will discuss various reasons why you need to make sure that your pet is getting enough of its daily activities and the possible downsides if it doesn’t.

It Calms Them Down

Whenever you are feeling anxious or restless, the first thing you want to do is take a walk to calm down. Pilled up energy causes the feeling of restlessness and unease. And the same goes for pets. 

According to scientists people who regularly walk their dogs or play with their cats are less likely to find a destroyed pair of shoes or a broken vase.

Lack of exercise means plenty of energy that needs to go somewhere, so it can lead to destructive behaviour with pets. 

A Prolonged Lifetime

Everyone would lie for their cat or dog to live forever. However, the best we can do is provide them with a happy and healthy life full of love. As your pet ages, it’s important to keep it as active as possible. Naturally, that won’t be with the same intensity as when they were young, but physical activity on a daily level can help them live longer for sure. The best course of action is consulting with a vet first who will tell you exactly what your pet should and shouldn’t do. 

Regular Exercise Strengthens Your Bond 

People who keep their pets inside all the time usually don’t give them enough attention. Making time to walk your dog or play with your cat, will make you love them even more because you are investing time in that relationship. Moreover, the pet will appreciate those moments even more than you think. Only through regular daily play can a pet learn to care for you and find you irreplaceable in its life. 

Activity Improves Socialisation

Having an active pet in most cases means going to the great outdoors. There your pet will have a chance to meet other pets as well. If you teach your pet how to play with others from an early age, it means that they will react better to other pets and humans that come to your home. A pet who has never had a chance to spend time with another animal usually has a violent reaction when someone invades its territory.