4 Amazing Games That Will Educate and Entertain Your Kids

Handling kids can be tough. Especially, if you are in a situation where you need to stay indoors all the time. Kids are endless sources of energy. Their mind is absorbing new things by the minute, so it’s important that while they play they also learn something useful.

However, most of the kids simply don’t like to be forced into doing anything. So it can be difficult to get them to sit down and pay attention. But, there is a way.

The best way to educate your children is without them even noticing what you are doing. And this can be achieved only through play. That’s why tutors, psychologists for children, parents, and mobile game developers have joined forces in order to deliver the most entertaining games that are also educational. It makes complete sense – just think about how adults get wrapped up in games they play, whether video games or lottery games with the Michigan Lottery Promo Code. Following this logic, games for kids can make children be still for a moment while also educational and fun. 

In this article, we’ll discuss some of those games that your kids will simply adore. 

Animal Jam

If it’s important for you that your child knows more about ecology and different animal species, then Animal Jam is the game to download. Ideal for children ages 6-12, it features an online virtual world, different games, exciting adventures, as well as online social elements. This is one of the most played and most popular educational apps for kids, with over 160 million registered users. 

The game was originally developed in collaboration with the National Geographic Society. For those parents who are still wondering if it’s too soon to let your kids on mobile or tablet devices, you should know that this game has excellent parenting control. This means that you can lock the game if you see the need. Animal Jam can be played via computer and any iOS and Android device. 

Thinkrolls 2

In case you have a child that’s 3 years old or more, and you want them to practice logic and understand how physics works, then Thinkrolls 2 is the perfect option. Developed for Android and iOS devices, this puzzle game will teach your gravity, acceleration, and more, through easy gameplay. Everything is more interesting is goofy aliens are involved. 

Moreover, the app doesn’t have any ads so both you and your kids won’t be annoyed with the constant pop-ups. Also, in order to play this game, you won’t need an internet connection, which is a huge plus, especially if you are headed somewhere with a poor connection. 


It’s time for some math. You won’t have to pay anything in order to get this unique math-oriented game. In order to progress through the game, the kids need to answer math questions. The difficulty of the questions progresses as the child goes through the game. It can also be a fun activity for two of your children. or a friend since there’s a mode where another player can join a quest.

So, if you want your kid to practice their math skills, and over time be very fast when solving equations, then you should consider Prodigy. 

Stop Motion Studio

Let’s be creative. If you have noticed that your child is expressing some artistic tendencies, you should try out Stop Motion Studio. It will not only be a perfect art practice, but also a good way for your child to practice patience. This is a fun form of art for kids that are highly creative. With this app, your kids can learn to make animation masterpieces through a fun process. Although the overall interface is very simple, you should be there for the first time your kids start the app, to help them navigate through it. And who knows? Maye, you’ll have some fun too.