Why Is Animal Fighting Cruel and Reasons Why It Can’t Be Justified

Since the dawn of civilizations, animals have been an important part of human lives – just like the connection with other humans, or recreation (nowadays we have football and something that the old civilizations could probably never think of – sports championships and sports bookmakers like the football-bookmakers.com) have always been something we naturally crave. There’s evidence that the dog’s predecessor, or the domesticated wolf, formed part of human communities over 15,000 years ago. Over the years the bond between dogs and humans grew, into what we now know as pet animals. These animals are totally dependent on our mutual relationship. With proper care and attention, the dogs flourish into amazing creatures filled with unconditional love and loyalty. So how have we come to using these same animals only for fun that is beyond cruel? 

What Is Animal Fighting?

Animal fighting is an organized blood sport, whose participants can be two animals, or a human and an animal. The fight is usually held at a pit or a ring surrounded by spectators. The goal of each fight is to establish which animal is stronger. This is decided after one animal kills the other. The main purposes of the fights are the entertainment of the audience or personal gain from wagering on animals. 

In some cases, the winner is proclaimed after one dog runs away from the circle in which the fight takes place.

However, even if the weaker dog survives the fight in this way, the owner in these cases find the dog useless and end its life. Most of the countries worldwide see dogfighting as illegal, and heavily persecute the organizers. Nowadays, only three countries allow dogfighting and these are Albania, Japan, and some parts of Russia. 

If It’s Illegal, Why Do People Organize It?

Although it’s hard to imagine that some people do it only for fun, it’s true. In rural areas, fights are organized in barns and basements, while in urban areas some people will do it in garages, alleys, dead-end streets, and backyards. For some people, this kind of blood entertainment is thrilling. 

Other people do it both for fun and gain. A lot of people wager on animal fights, because it’s an easy, even though immoral, way to earn money. However, betting in illegal institutions is always risky for many reasons. But still, some people think it’s worth the risk. Many of these events are getting raided, and in some US states, organizers and participants get sentenced to 10 years in prison after being caught. 

In Which Ways Is Animal Fighting Cruel?

Animal cruelty with animal fights is multi-layered. 

Firstly, you must understand that the animals who are kept for fighting, have a very poor lifestyle, filled with physical and mental torture. In order to get them into a fighting state of mind, the owners of these animals beat and starve them. They never know love or affection, because it could make them weaker and more susceptible to defeat. For this reason, these animals get more aggressive over time, so even if they get rescued, it’s very unlikely that they have to be put down.

Animals don’t have a voice, and cannot choose the type of lifestyle they will have. Humans are responsible for giving animals the life they deserve since they are the ones who domesticated them so many years ago. Animals are a vital part of human existence for many reasons, and the least we can do is refrain from cruel and irrational torture.