4 Most Addicting Video Games Throughout History

We play games for different reasons. Some like to enjoy the challenge and activate their brains while having fun, just like they when they bet on sports using Paddy Power New Customer Offer. Others love to compete against other players, and there are those who play them just casually to kill time. However, every now and then a game is released that takes the world by storm, and players can’t stop thinking about it. 

These addictive games can take a great chunk of our daily lives, and they feel so satisfying and engaging. Furthermore, it’s not a game you can just finish and be done with it, you play it every day, grind resources, unlock cosmetics, and think what new strategies you are going to use. Here will go over some of the most addictive games throughout gaming history, and see why they were, or still are, so popular.  


Fortnite is just one out of many battle royale games that became really popular over the past few years. The game has a massive player base and very dynamic and engaging gameplay. Despite the concept being the same, new maps, player creative freedom, and teamwork keep each and every round fresh and entertaining. The reason why I singled out Fortnite is mainly that it was the most popular of the bunch, but PUBG, Overwatch, Apex, and others all saw massive success. It’s really the genre itself that was addictive, games just added specific flavour to how matchups will play out. 

League of Legends

Similar to the last example MOBA genre is what kept players engaged, League of Legends just stood out from Dota 2, Heroes of Newerth, Heroes of the Storm etc. It really all started with the original Dota or more precisely Warcraft 3 map builder, where the initial version was made. The map and the goal of each game are the same, but a wide roster of different champions, player skill level, and synergy among selected champions is what makes every game unique. The games that make it in the competitive world tend to be addictive, as they draw a lot of fans to spectate the professional players and pick up new tricks they can use.

World of Warcraft

When it comes to the MMO RPG genre one game truly withstood the test of time, and has the largest player base even up to this day, compared to other MMOs. Although the player base pales in comparison to what it was back in the early 2010s, we cannot ignore the fact that this was truly an addicting game. So much so that people outright neglected their real lives just to spend more time in Azeroth. The in-game world was massive, and players had to collaborate frequently in order to advance through zones, beat dungeon bosses, and get stronger gear. There was also a lot of in-game drama among guild members, and that also made the world feel more real.      


I don’t think anyone who was involved in creating the initial version of the Counter-Strike game knew it was going to be such a big deal for such a long time. The game has been around for almost two decades and the player base is still massive. Kids used to skip school, just so they can go and compete against one another in Counter-Strike.