Reasons Why Tik-Tok Is So Popular

I am pretty sure that if you browse social networks or even YouTube you will come across multiple Tik-Tok videos or even video compilations. Also, even if you don’t use Tik-Tok chances are you heard of it, or at least looked at the videos someone else sent you. The platform has risen to fame so quickly, that it has reached the level of popularity that has with its users and even Google. Yes – it’s apparently more popular than Google itself! 

Basically, it is a platform where you can create and post short videos, and a lot of people love it. Some are actively generating content for it, some are just enjoying what they find.

Even though it’s nothing that groundbreaking or new, it’s still widely popular, so let us find out why. 

The Current Entertainment Culture

The current entertainment industry is really creating, let’s call it “short-term” content. It’s not that it lacks quality, it’s just that no one really talks about a particular movie, song, or TV series for years. Sure there were always Christmas movies, summer blockbusters etc, but can you think about a Christmas movie that’s going to be so well remembered as Home Alone or Die Hard. 

There is a sea of content out there, and people move really fast onto the next popular thing. That’s what Tik-Tok videos are all about, you see lots of them have a good laugh and see a bunch of new ones tomorrow. They are short so even if you don’t like some of them it’s not a big deal as it was not a huge time investment on your end. 

Easy to Use

Another reason why Tik-Tok is so popular is that it’s easy to use. This kind of accessibility makes it convenient for creators to generate fresh content constantly, and the volume of existing and new content is why it’s user base continues to grow.

With multiple editing tools at your disposal, it’s simple to make content more engaging. It allows you to be more creative, which is why it’s overall more inviting than complex video editing tools. People feel more confident about uploading their videos, and whenever you have a funny or interesting idea, you can get to work on its realization immediately.   

Has Something for Everyone 

Finally, when you have a platform that is so inviting and widespread, it’s easy for all of your users to find niche content they are interested in. There are so many communities out there, and Tik-Tok has a slice of content for pretty much everyone. Skit videos about couples or family members, funny stories, funny videos with popular filters, pranks, jokes, you name it, the platform really has a lot of fun to offer, even if nothing you watch will be that memorable, it’s a great pass-time activity.