Craziest Innovations in Tech Department for The Year 2020

Our market is brimming with inventions, and tech companies have so many blueprints they are yet to explore. We all love to fantasize about what the future will bring, and will the image presented in the sci-fi movies ever come to life. For example, in the past, hardly anyone could predict that we would have online casinos, but today you can find things like Spin Palace Casino Bonus very often.

Truth be told, there are so many gadgets out there that you can technically equip your home with crazy inventions as if you are living 200 years in the future. However, we really tend to buy things we either find extremely useful or something that we really want, and a lot of expensive gadgets don’t hit that mark. Think about google glasses, on the paper it sounds like an awesome invention that we would all want, but once they were released the hype just died out.

Nevertheless, new tech is always exciting, which is why we will be going over some of the coolest and craziest inventions in 2020.    

Samsung Ballie

One of the latest gadgets introduced by Samsung is a little ball-shaped robot, also known as Samsung Ballie. The ball uses a camera to track your movement and to follow you around, which on its own is kind of cool. Additionally, the rolling robot has an in-built AI which can help you with security, or serve as a fitness assistant, or even help other family members use smart devices. It can be a toy for kids and pets, execute different commands, and give you updates regarding your home while you are away. Clearly, there is a lot of room for growth in terms of utility, but all in all, a cool and useful gadget.  

Segway S-Pod

Although this is not anything groundbreaking, it’s still an improvement on the existing mobility gadgets. Furthermore, the design itself is really awesome, and anyone who wanted to cosplay Professor Xavier from X-Men will definitely want Segway S-Pod. It is a nice, cozy armchair that can move up to 24 miles per hour, which is a pretty decent speed. Furthermore, it uses a joystick for navigation, which makes it more convenient compared to a regular segway that uses your entire body.  It also boasts a handful of automatic smart safety features like breaking when you are about to turn, for example.

Samsung Odyssey G9 Monitor

New Odyssey G9 Monitor is surely going to become a gamer’s best friend. The curved 49-inch screen looks really impressive up close, and the display is absolutely phenomenal. This QLED monitor boasts a resolution of 1440p, paired with a response time of 1 millisecond and up to 240Hz refresh rate, which makes it a pure beast in the gaming world.

And even if you are not that good at gaming, losing definitely feels better in this resolution, and the entire room, in general, will look more futuristic.   

Core Meditation Trainer

For those who feel stressed out, and struggle with getting in the zone while trying to meditate this can come in handy. Meditation is a good habit in general, especially if you are overwhelmed and need to calm your nerves and convince yourself to take up fitness as a hobby. This hand-held trainer is packed with awesome features like biofeedback, personalized health metrics apps, and vibrations. It also has meditation and breathing techniques classes, as well as advice to help you relax and focus.   

Hydraloop Water Recycler

Finally, with eco-friendly tech taking the center stage over the recent years, we must mention Hydraloop Water Recycler. The device actually filters and purifies previously used water (bath or shower water, or water used for washing dishes) so that it can be reused, for the toilet, irrigation, or pools.