One in every 25 people in the world is carrying an STI

One in every 25 people in the world is carrying an STI

More than one million people worldwide are infected with sexually transmitted infections every day, and the most alarming are the levels of chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis and syphilis.

In 2016, the WHO announced its global health sector strategy on sexually transmitted diseases in an effort to scale-up intervention and services to end STIs as public health concerns by 2030, including a 90 percent reduction in gonorrhea and syphilis.

The data published online yesterday by WHO bulletin reiterated the urgency for access to treat these diseases, warning that "untreated STIs have grave health implications".

If untreated, STIs can lead to many health problems including infertility, problems in pregnancy, and increased risk of HIV.

The stigma surrounding STIs is also associated with cases of domestic violence.

Africa had the highest prevalence for chlamydia in men, gonorrhoea in both women and men, trichomoniasis in women and syphilis in both men and women.

Syphilis, in particular, caused an estimated 20,000 stillbirths and newborn deaths in 2016 and is considered one of the leading causes of baby loss globally, the World Health Organization data said.

"In its later stages, syphilis can cause serious cardiovascular and neurological disease".

Some STIs, such as herpes and syphilis, can increase the risk of contracting HIV by at least 3 times. Some can also be passed from mother to child during pregnancy and birth.

In contrast with its final diagnosis in 2012, the World Health Organization stories "no substantive decline" in the rates of most in fashion or existing infections.

"Timely and affordable testing and treatment are crucial for reducing the burden of STIs globally", the study's authors said. Rising drug resistance to gonorrhoea treatments is also a growing health threat.

In addition, WHO recommends correct and consistent condom use, sexual health education and regular screening to prevent the spread of the diseases.

STI's are transmitted through unprotected vaginal, anal and oral sex.

By the use of treatment, bacterial STIs could well well moreover be handled and cured with extensively readily accessible medicines.

Nonetheless syphilis medication has been made more advanced thanks to an absence in the inform more or much less penicillin wanted, and there changed into once an get greater in instances of so-called "tidy-gonorrhoea" which is almost now not doable to tackle.

Dr. Tim Jinks, head of the Drug Resistant Infection program at United Kingdom medical research charity Wellcome, said in a statement that the high number of gonorrhea cases were of "particular concern", citing last year's cases of "super-gonorrhea", found in the United Kingdom and Australia "which are practically impossible to treat".

Trichomoniasis is introduced on by infection by a parasite at some stage in intercourse. Chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhoea are bacterial infections.

STI symptoms can consist of discharge, anxiousness urinating and bleeding between sessions. However, in many cases, people don't experience any symptoms at all, which is why it's important for people to get tested on a regular basis.



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