YouTube videos aimed at kids discovered to include self-harm tips

YouTube videos aimed at kids discovered to include self-harm tips

She said that minutes into the clip from a children's video game, a man appeared on the screen - giving instructions on how to commit suicide. According to the reports, four minutes and 45 seconds into the cartoon, a clip of a man appears out of nowhere and demonstrates how to cut a wrist.

The mother also goes to compile videos of Minecraft videos with multiple shooting scenes including one within a school. As the world's biggest Internet video service, YouTube carries a heavy burden in protecting its users, especially the wee ones.

"We have strict policies that prohibit videos which promote self-harm.

Though YouTube has deleted channels and removed videos, Hess points out that it's still easy to find a plethora of "horrifying" content aimed at children on YouTube Kids".

A USA mom had the shock of her life when she was alerted about sinister videos on YouTube, containing suicide instructions for kids.

The video was still on YouTube despite numerous comments flagging up the harmful content, she said.

Hess, who is a pediatrician, alerted YouTube to pull down the video, and she said it took about a week for the firm to take it down.

YouTube emailed Ars Technica, "We work to make the videos in YouTube Kids family-friendly and take feedback very seriously". YouTube told WFTX the video violates its community guidelines, and a spokesperson said in part, "We work hard to ensure YouTube is not used to encourage unsafe behavior, and we have strict policies that prohibit videos which promote self-harm".

A US pediatrician is raising an alarm about instructions on how to slit one's wrists posted in YouTube videos targeted at children - showing that inappropriate content continues to slip through the online streaming site's filters.

Various media reports say that fans of Filthy Frank are known to edit him into videos and this could possibly be the case with this cartoon.

There are parental controls available on YouTube, WXFT said, adding that users can report or flag inappropriate content as well as video potential risky to kids.

The concerned mother added that YouTube Kids is supposed to be a safe website for children.

Kaslow, who teaches at Emory University's school of medicine, said that some children may ignore the grim video content but that others, particularly those who are more vulnerable, may be drawn to it.

A spokesperson told Mirror Online: "Children can find it hard to stand up to peer pressure but they must know it's perfectly okay to refuse to take part in crazes that make them feel unsafe or scared".

When asked about the videos in an email exchange with CBC News, the video site responded that YouTube is not intended for kids under 13. "There needs to be messaging-this is why it's not okay". She said such videos can cause children to have nightmares, trigger bad memories about people close to them who have killed themselves or even encourage them to try it, though some of them may be too young to understand the consequences.

If you or anyone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts or depression, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255.



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