Watch the first firing of SpaceX's new Starship Raptor rocket engine

Watch the first firing of SpaceX's new Starship Raptor rocket engine

Musk has been teasing his Twitter followers for days with the promise of a video of the new engine's first firing.

On Sunday, Elon Musk and SpaceX engineers conducted an experimental firing of the Raptor engine, which could be used for future flights to Mars.

The videos show the rocket engine firing, and thus creating a wave of multicoloured flames. Neither Musk nor SpaceX released other details about the test, including if the test ran for its planned duration or the thrust level of the engine.

Musk didn't say exactly when the test fire footage was taken, but last week he shared a photo of someone standing next to the long-developing engine, which gives a sense of the Raptor's size.

It comes just days after Musk's Starship prototype was knocked over by 50mph winds in Texas and suffered extensive damages.

SpaceX's Starship is a rocket the company is designing with the goal of transporting humans and cargo to Mars. There'd eventually be 31 Raptors powering the reusable Super Heavy, and seven Raptors on the Starship. As Business Insider reports, the engine underwent a radical redesign and is capable of 200 metric tons of thrust. At that time, test-firing of the new engine was scheduled for January. "Engine use methox torch igniters". Early launching of said units are supposed to be taking off in the next several years. SpaceX tested a development version of the Raptor in September 2016, also at the McGregor site.

At the time, Musk noted that it might take "a few weeks" to fix the damage the spacecraft sustained, but remained upbeat about the project.



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