Cancer lingers, but fight against it prevails in Turkey and the world

Cancer lingers, but fight against it prevails in Turkey and the world

It also found that almost one in five women (19%) are drinking above the Chief Medical Officer's recommended limit of consuming no more than 14 units per week to stay "low risk" from a range of health conditions, including cancer.

Making a statement on Wold Cancer Day 2019, the body said "Unfounded rumours about HPV vaccines continue to unnecessarily delay or impede the scaling up of the vaccination, which is so urgently needed to prevent cervical cancer".

Approx., 150 thousand to 200 thousand new cancer cases are being registered every year in Pakistan, andin most of the cases, patients consult the doctor at a very advanced or late stage and the facilities available to treat such a high number of patients are much less.

A new study has warned women to avoid regular drinking to cut their chances of suffering from breast cancer.

Participants included healthcare providers, cancer survivors and non-governmental organisations. That overall decline in cancer mortality of 26 percent since 1991 amounts to millions of cancer deaths averted. Cancer can be a devastating diagnosis, it is not without hope?

According to the leading organisation in cancer control, Union for International Cancer Control, 8.2 million patients die of cancer every year across the globe and about 1.4m new patients get affected. This is partly due to our relative unwillingness to test for cancer, but it is encouraging that an increasing amount of people are benefiting from the two-week specialist referral scheme. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), worldwide community, acting together can work to improve cancer control and achieve global targets to reduce premature mortality from cancer.

The remaining 90% of those left over will develop a cancer symptom, such as a seizure resulting from a brain tumour or a lump resulting in breast cancer and will consult their GP.

Another proposal is for a more investment in cancer research. However notification of cancer is not yet mandatory. These can vary from harnessing data using complex diagnostic algorithms on existing healthcare data to testing for cell-free DNA in the blood. Apart from ignorance on the part of the populace, World Health Organization says that in less than 30 per cent of low-income countries including Nigeria, generally accessible diagnosis, treatment services, and referral systems for suspected cancer are often unavailable resulting in delayed and fragmented care/ poor management. By doing so, we can prevent and control cancer with lower costs. We define "early detection" as the detection of cancer, or pre-cancerous states, at the earliest possible point at which an intervention might be made in order to lead to a better patient outcome.We need novel technology, including sensors, biochips and nanotechnology, to improve how we image and detect cancer, and we need multidisciplinary teams to develop the technology and ultimately to implement it in the appropriate clinical context.



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