Community feast in Barkingside for Jewish residents facing Passover alone

Community feast in Barkingside for Jewish residents facing Passover alone

They also have also been distributing the materials to more than 100 synagogues in Los Angeles for the holiday, in which leavened foods are prohibited.

Ancient stories continue to resonate with us to this day. "I like to think, as we celebrate Passover, about our neighbors celebrating their holiday as well, and how there is that diversity in cultures yet connection". For modern Jews, the seder has replaced the actual sacrificing of a lamb.

As the 10 plagues are recited, people remove wine from their wineglasses. During the recounting of the final plague, Pugh and his group participated by singing a song in Hebrew about the paschal lamb.

Maybe one day they'll teach their own children the positively loopy version of "Who Knows One?" my family has sung since I was a kid. In light of my comment of political division, she suggested that we place a plum on the seder plate this year.

Of course, there isn't a "right" way to have a seder (there might be a wrong way, namely betraying your mentor to the Romans during the meal, thus setting off thousands of years of religious persecution and death).

Perhaps the Passover custom of encouraging children to bargain with their parents over the return of the afikoman serves to dramatize the empowerment of the powerless, the core experience that Passover celebrates. Jews clean leavened foods out of their home in preparation for Passover.

The saltwater into which the vegetable is dipped represents the tears of enslaved ancestors, the charoset the mortar of the bricks they were forced to work.

How long does the whole thing last?

Pugh also mentioned that after the meal begins, several toasts of "L'chaim", Hebrew for "to life", follow in celebration of the Hebrews being liberated from slavery.

"We still try to point our focus back to Christ, and that's how we merged the two- with the reenactment as well as the Easter egg hunt", says Baldwin.

However, for Passover to occur chronologically in line with Christian events it would need to begin on Thursday, Jeff Olsen, pastor at Grace Community Church in Pasco said. We can't be sure that it was a seder quite like those that are more familiar from recent times because, in fact, unusual as it may seem, the stories of the Last Supper are among the oldest evidence we have for anybody celebrating a seder.

"Like the fish and the loaves", laughs Tre Baldwin.

The biblical account of Passover has extraordinary significance for the millions of Jews throughout the world.

Community Passover Seder - 7 p.m. Friday at Chabad of Poway, 16934 Chabad Way, Poway.

"For those external pharaohs, we have more than enough resources in our world to end poverty and the major devastating epidemics", he said.

Pugh said he plans on commemorating Passover this year by studying about it in the Bible and reviewing what he learned in Jerusalem.

After the four nor'easters we experienced throughout the month of March, it's safe to say we may welcome a few rainy days. I read from it each Passover to remind me of Judaism's traditions, continuity and spirituality. I'm joined now by Andrew McGowan. This can be done through any CES website by searching for travel opportunities.



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