New Apple Products That Fans Are Excited About

Apple is one of the most well-known brands in today’s world, and we have to give it to them, they sure know how to inspire brand loyalty. Some might argue that the products are too expensive, but Apple never really advertised budget-friendly items, rather it advertised high quality and reliability. Time and again they stood behind those words, and their priority is to have satisfied customers. This is why people buy these products, and why they are always excited when new products are unveiled or announced. So, let’s see what exciting new innovations we can expect in the future.

Mac Chips 

No, Apple is not branching out to the snacks market, these are chips for your Mac. Apple is currently relying on Intel to manufacture processors for their devices, however by the end of 2020 this can change. There are no specific details as to when this change will take place, but given how Apple has been doing things so far, it’s really not that big of a surprise. 

Tracers for your accessories – Air Tags

This one sounds really exciting though. There were reports that Apple is working on a product that will help you track your items, should you ever lose them.

Once again, there is no tangible evidence to support these rumours but we imagine it will be similar to Bluetooth tech. It will likely be small attachable that you can use on your commonly misplaced items, like keys, wallet, glasses etc. and you will be able to use a phone app to track them. If so, this will be really useful.  

AR Smart Glasses 

We know how things turned out for Google Glasses but who knows maybe it will be different for Apple’s product. Once again there are rumours that within the next few years Apple will release their augmented reality glasses. This wearable is supposed to take inputs via touch, head gestures, and of course voice. Furthermore, it is likely to support features like texting, mapping and many more.

High-End Over-Ear Headphones

We know that AirPods was a massive hit but sleek Bluetooth over-ear headphones are also a welcome addition in my opinion.

Even though there is no confirmation, it is highly possible that Apple is working on two models, one premium and one fitness model, which will be lighter. These headphones will likely have Active Noise Cancellation much like upgraded AirPods, but everyone is most excited to experience the improved sound quality that will come out of these bad boys. The price is expected to be around $350.    


Like always there are other products on the horizon, like upgraded iMac, Apple TV, MacBook and iPad mini, but I found the ones mentioned here more exciting.