Best Smartphone Games to Help Toddlers Learn Basic Stuff

It’s perfectly understandable if getting video games for your toddlers does not sound too appealing. After all, it is something they are bound to discover, and they might develop an unhealthy obsession to play video games all day. However, bear in mind that things are not as serious as you think, and you would have to set boundaries anyway if that happens.

Also, there are some really good games that are used for educational purposes and help kids develop some crucial skills.

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Even without the technology we used to play games, and learn through them, and today is not any different. Games make the teaching process more playful and way less chore-like, which is why they are extremely effective teaching tools. Also, it would be a shame not to fully utilize your smartphone or tablet to let your kid have some playtime and learn in the process. So, let’s see what are some of the best educational smartphone games for kids. 

Bubadu Games

It’s not right to isolate a single game from Bubadu developers as a number of apps are great for toddlers. Of course, not all of them are exceptional but some of them are truly amazing whereas others are worth checking out at least.

The mechanics tend to be simple and easy to learn, and the design is truly kid-friendly. There are a variety of different games including virtual pets, and children love playing with those. 

Human Heroes: Einstein’s Clock

You can find valuable educational elements in  Human Heroes: Einstein’s Clock, one of which is to teach kids how the concept of time works. There are also a lot of useful mini-games, and your kids will learn how to tell time using an analog clock, but also tackle some more complex lessons. I bet that even older players will find these games lovely and well-executed.   


Minecraft can also be played on smartphones, so it’s only fair that it is included on the list.

Although the game is a bit more complex than previous entries a child will have no trouble picking up how it works. It’s an amazing game to allow your kid to explore its creativity, and kids also get to socialize with other players. It’s one of the most popular games in general, so kids will have a really fun time playing Minecraft. 


This is a dev team that really specializes in kids’ games. You will find everything you expect when it comes to kids games, ABC letters, connect the dots games, puzzles that toddlers typically do in pre-school etc. You can also look at the user reviews and you will see parents are really satisfied with these games. Bear in mind these are not free games and you can buy the entire library for around $30, or you can buy them separately at a higher price though. Still, it is worth mentioning you will probably be able to find each of these games for free individually, by some other developer, but if you need a game with a quality certificate Intellijoy games should be your go-to option.   


These apps pretty much cover the very best choices within a Google Play store. As you know the store is vast and there are tons of kids apps that you can try out.