What Are the Most Popular Online Platforms in 2020

It should be no surprise by now that we spend most of our time online, given the fact we are constantly connected via our smartphone. In other words, even if you are not actively browsing the web you are still online and receive notifications. Moreover, we use the Internet or online platforms to do our shopping, pay bills, and even communicate with our friends and family. We also get entertainment online and even the latest news. This year, we have all spent a lot more time at home than we are used to, and a large part of entertainment has moved online and made quite a development. This is good news for people who like gambling in their free time, as it is now easier than ever to just sit back, relax, and gamble in online casinos like the Turbonino casino.

There are a handful of websites that we tend to use on a daily or weekly basis throughout our routine. That being said, some of the platforms are clearly more popular than others and have a vast number of users. So, let’s see which websites are currently the most popular based on user activity.  


Facebook is still one of the most widely used social platforms, and it continues to evolve. What started as a simple website where users could chat and upload photos, became a place where you can set-up your store page for services, fundraisers, organize events and even play games. Also, a lot of corporations and even small businesses use it to maintain communication with their customer base and even have their customer service agents available on Facebook. In other words, it’s simply way too useful for people to ignore it and not use it. 


Another platform with a vast user base and filled with entertaining content. Not only that but also many people decided to become YouTubers as a career choice, and many are in the process of getting there.

Since it has a massive user base, a lot of companies advertise on YouTube, either through ads, or sponsored videos, or simply rely on influencers to recommend them. This is why having a YouTube channel with lots of subscribers is highly profitable, and why so many people love this career choice, as you get to do what you like, or make videos on topics you like. 


Instagram is kind of an extension of Facebook but mainly focused on photos and videos. So comedians, use it for making videos, whereas fitness instructors or simply attractive people become Instagram models. Once again many followers equal good advertising potential, so people who are popular can easily monetize their Instagram accounts. 


Tik-Tok is one of the more recent platforms, and it’s filled with entertaining videos.

It started to spread really fast and it only continues to grow. Basically, if you are more interested in short funny videos you visit Tik-Tok. It’s a good platform to express yourself and does not require as much editing work as YouTube if you want to make it, which is why people love it.  


Twitch has been around for quite some time, and gamers, along with e-Sports fans spend a lot of time on Twitch. Basically, if you love video games, if you love chatting with the community, or simply trolling people in chat, Twitch will be your go-to choice of entertainment. Even if it started as a pure gamer platform, it branched with some more social channels. People earn here through donations, and users donate in order to spam chat rooms. 


Reddit is still a very popular and very useful platform. People with various hobbies or from various communities love to have discussions in Reddit threads. It’s an amazing platform for people with the same interest to discuss topics that are dear to them and to get away from all the sponsored posts.