Pros and Cons of Keeping Your Dog in A Flat

A dog is probably one of the best if not the best pet you can have. They are friendly, loyal, always happy to see you, playful, and in many instances, they are more than a pet, they are helpful friends. However, they do require exercise, attention and of course love. All in all, it’s an awesome pet to have, and a lot of people take care of dogs throughout their whole lives.

One of the challenges of being a dog owner is the living arrangement, more precisely if you live in a flat. That being said there are also some advantages to that as well, but if you were to ask the dog, he would probably prefer a big backyard. Let’s see what exactly are the pros and cons of keeping a dog in a flat.    

It can depend on the race

First of all, there might be more upsides to keeping a dog in an apartment, depending on its race. Clearly, if it’s a mid to big size dog it will probably be better to have a big backyard that it can play in, run and explore. But smaller pet dogs won’t have much issue with the apartment so long as they get enough exercise when you take them outside. A lot of dog owners with the house and backyards still keep their dogs inside the house. Plus the dog is going to be constantly near his or her owner and they appreciate that a lot. 

Fur is everywhere

Definitely, a downside to this arrangement is an endless supply of fur that will find its way on your furniture, floor and carpets. So, be prepared to turn on that vacuum cleaner more frequently, and if some of your friends are allergic to fur, they will have a hard time coming to visit. In addition to fur, a dog might defecate on the floor if you don’t take it outside in time, every dog owner has experienced this basically.

The dog is safer

Since a dog is always near you and inside your apartment, chances are it won’t find anything that could be harmful and eat it. Also if there is something wrong, you are more likely to notice and provide help with your dog’s needs.   

A dog will get bored more often

Dogs that live in the apartment only spend limited time outside, they are not playing or running enough so they build up a lot of energy.

This pent up energy might result in destructive behaviour, and they can take it out on your furniture. 

Dog is cleaner

The outside world is filled with wonders, and parasites at the same time. Dogs that live on the outside might have fleas or even parasites that end up in their digestive system. It’s not like a dog can’t get these when you take it outside for a walk, but it’s less likely if it spends most of its time in the apartment.