Here’s Why Boxing Is Good for Your Body and Your Soul

If you were to judge boxing based only on boxing matches you see, you might think it’s a truly violent sport. More precisely, you might get the impression that people who love to fight and inflict pain are the core audience. Well, I can’t say that’s not true at all, but it is largely wrong. Boxing is a sport, it’s not a regular fight, there are rules and regulations, and it requires so much more than knowing how to throw a punch or fight in general. It brings about a great deal of excitement, which is what attracts people to it, just like online casinos attract new customers with promotions like

Boxing is a beautiful sport, and even though it appears it teaches how to inflict pain, the truth is that boxing probably saved more people than it harmed. Here I will explain why boxing is such a good activity and how it can help you both mentally and physically.    

It Is Intense Cardio Training

This first one is really obvious, but we have to mention it. Hitting and kicking the bag for several rounds is going to be exhausting, and it will activate both your upper and lower body. Your hips and back muscles should also be engaged so long as you are hitting properly. It will also teach you to control your breathing and to learn your limits in order to improve your stamina. The goal is to improve your performance over those rounds, and know-how not to overexert yourself.  

Good for Channelling Negative Energy

This is one of the reasons why boxing helps a lot of people. When you have pent-up negative energy it feels good to punch the bag and purge yourself of that negativity.

Sometimes, you have a bad day, or you get into a verbal fight, and can’t help but think about how you would like to punch someone. Well, if you learn how to punch properly, you get to do it and avoid getting hurt in the process, plus no one else gets hurt either. 

Boxing requires a Lot of Discipline

In order to be good at something, you need consistency and discipline and boxing does not have any shortage of those. That is why both professional athletes, and those who practice boxing as a hobby get a lot out of it. A lot of professional boxers love the sport because it changed their lives. Without the discipline and focus they could have ended up as violent delinquents, but thanks to a good coach they channelled that behaviour into something more positive.  


The number one reason why boxing is so good is confidence. Believe it or not, there is something very satisfying when you know you can pack a hell of a punch. It’s nothing in the way that it makes you wanna test it out or someone, it just feels good when you know what you are capable of. 

Not only that but once you start to spar, your reflexes get sharper, you become more focused as you are trying to discern the next move, and all of that starts to feel really fun. You might get nervous the first few times because you feel it might hurt. However, you are wearing protective equipment, and no one is actually trying to hurt you, so you will overcome that fear soon enough.