6 Car Books that Are a Must-Read

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In this article, we will go over some of the best car books that you absolutely must read this year. Some will be a great revelation when it comes to pop culture while others might surprise you with some incredible historic facts. 

A Century Of Automotive Style: 100 Years Of American Car Design

Written by Michael Lamm, this gorgeous book will be a mesmerizing read but it will also dazzle you with breath-taking illustrations. If you wanted to learn more about the history of American cars, this is the book for you. With the powerful illustration, you can have a closer look at people and events that made the automobile industry in America into what it is today. 

Speed Read Supercar

The author of this book is also a regular content writer for Automobile Magazine, so it’s safe to say that he knows his cars.

For lovers of supercars, this book makes the perfect gift.

Any type of supercar that you can imagine is in this book and all those details that you are eager to learn.

The Complete Book Of Porsche 911

If the title hasn’t made it clear enough, this book is about the Porche brand. Randy Leffingwell researched all the interesting facts about this popular car brand from the 901 prototypes to the modern models. The book follows in great detail all the changes that Porche went through, as well as the production process and history of racing events.

This work is recommended to both connoisseurs and those who have a basic knowledge of cars. 

Flat Out, Flat Broke 3rd Edition: The Original Stig

A book that will surely keep you interested from the beginning until the end. It’s highly recommended to fans of stories about free-spirited life on the road. Perry McCarthy delivered an interesting read filled with funny and mind-blowing stories about a man who wanted to make it to the top.

How A Jewish Driver, An American Heiress, And A Legendary Car Beat Hitler’s Best

Behind this, rather lengthy title hides a very fascinating story about a time long forgotten.

Every racing fan loves everything about cars, even their history. The excitement and the thrill of today’s races cannot be compared to the one felt nearly 90 years ago. And that’s exactly what Neal Bascomb wants us to discover. Through an engaging narrative and colourful characters, he managed to recapture the spirit of the 1930s in this fantastic book. 

By Motor To The Golden Gate

Writing about cars and on-the-road experience in 1915 had to be exciting, and even more so if done by a woman in that era. Emily Post is known for her etiquette opinions. But a few people know that before that she did a travel log of jer journey from New York to San Francisco. She did it as a sort of an experiment to verify how comfortable it is to travel that distance. This read can be a great insight into travelling by car during the 1910s and how much the world has changed since.