Rwanda seals Congo border after third Ebola case in Goma

Rwanda seals Congo border after third Ebola case in Goma

A second person has died after contracting Ebola in Goma, a major transit hub in the Democratic Republic of Congo on the Rwandan border, according to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

Rwandan State Minister for Foreign Affairs Ministry, Olivier Nduhungirehe, said: "Yes it has been closed, but for details, you can call immigration and ministry of health because it is about Ebola".

Two people have died of the disease in Uganda, which also borders Congo, but there have been no registered cases in Rwanda. The Ebola coordinator for North Kivu province, Dr. Aruna Abedi, confirmed the wife's case to The Associated Press hours after that of the child.

October 17: After an emergency expert meeting, the World Health Organization says it is "deeply concerned" but the outbreak is not a global emergency.

"We have already established a list of high-risk contacts and as early as [Wednesday] we will start to compile a list of contacts, and ... these contacts will be vaccinated", he said.

These second and third cases in Goma, a father and daughter, are not linked to the first case, authorities say. "Most of the women here cross into Rwanda to find food for us in Goma", he said.

The miner came from the north-eastern province of Ituri and had been admitted to a health centre in Kiziba, on the outskirts of Goma, on 13 July. He had spent five days being treated at home and then went to a health facility, where Ebola was suspected.

June 14: After a third emergency meeting, World Health Organization says the outbreak is not yet a global emergency.

While the alert prompted a surge of millions of dollars in new pledges by global donors, health workers say a new approach is desperately needed to combat misunderstandings in the community that lead people with Ebola not to seek medical help.

August 1: Congo officials say the victim's wife and 1-year-old daughter test positive for Ebola, the first transmission of the virus in Goma.

The outbreak has killed more than 1,800 people so far, making it the second-deadliest Ebola emergency in history. The World Health Organization has declared the Ebola outbreak an global emergency.

There is no licensed treatment for Ebola and many people in the region don't believe that Ebola is real, health workers have said.

October 2: Red Cross workers are attacked by community members in an early sign of resistance to Ebola response efforts in a region where the virus had never been recorded before.



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