This is the Galaxy Note 10

This is the Galaxy Note 10

Does it still make sense to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 10, when the S11 will likely have a larger battery and better screen, and be otherwise almost identical?

Looking through the renders, it does appear that Samsung might have gotten rid of the Note 10's physical power button.

Being released in the same year both the Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy S10+ are very similar devices. Users have also exhausted "clearing data" of the camera app, which seems to fix this temporarily but it still throws the error every now and then. As an added bonus for the larger device, an Time-of-Flight sensor has also been added to the rear. Since the Galaxy S9, Samsung has used a dual aperture system on its flagships which is created to produce the best shots in both normal and low-light conditions.

Accompanying this should be Samsung's usual 12-megapixel sensor as the primary camera. According to PocketNow, which saw the video before it was taken down, it also suggested that all you would need to get work done is the Galaxy Note 10. A source that's usually accurate has posted the first press renders of the Galaxy Note 10.

Some Galaxy Note10 versions will reportedly use ceramic, though its not clear if this will be exclusive to the 5G model or available to the LTE phones as well. Of course, the Galaxy Note 10 won't be able to match high-powered desktops, but in some cases, where lower-end computers are in play and you only really care about using the web and mobile apps, it could work exceedingly well.

In Europe, the upcoming flagships are expected to ship with the same 8/128GB storage configuration as standard. In a bid to enable Ethereum functionalities into the latest designs of the Galaxy S-series, Note-series, A-series, and the Galaxy Fold franchise, the Smartphone merchandise discloses that there are future plans in place to extend these decentralized features to its budget phones in the queue.



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