Raspberry Pi 4 Is Not Compatible with All Type-C Cables

Raspberry Pi 4 Is Not Compatible with All Type-C Cables

Many users also complained that the Pi 4 is not working with all USB-C cables. You can count on non-e-marked cables, including the ones that near with many smartphones as successfully because the loyal Raspberry Pi possibility.

One of the primary selling points of USB Type-C is that it can become a universal standard - one cable for power, data, video, and more.

An easy workaround is to buy a non-e-marked cable or charger.

In order for a USB-C connection to work as intended with all USB-C cables, the Type-C connector needs to use two independent CC resistors. Starting at $35, the Raspberry Pi 4 has a more powerful Broadcom BCM2711 chip with four ARM Cortex A72 CPU cores at 1.5GHz.That chip can decode 4K videos at 60fps using HEVC/H.265, render OpenGL ES 3.0 graphics, and output 4K video to a monitor via micro HDMI. But there's a problem: The USB-C charging doesn't work with some USB-C chargers. But every Raspberry Pi model 4 B available for sale right now has the issue, so if you're trying to get set up and aren't getting any power, try using a different cable.

Upton added that he was surprised that the issue did not show up in its testing program, which he claims is "quite extensive".

Compatibility woes are nothing new with USB-C, but in this case, the problem lies with the Pi. He explains that from a technical perspective, the USB-C specification defines two pins called CC1 and CC2 for connecting to the power sink in a specific way.

If your Raspberry Pi 4 won't turn on when connected to certain USB Type-C cables, now we know why. "I urge you to correct your design as soon as you can so you can be USB-C compliant".

The "suggested workarounds" are to just use a non-e-marked cable, like the official Pi 4 charger.

As detailed by Tyler Ward, the Raspberry Pi 4 has a non-compliant USB-C charging port and doesn't work with as many chargers as it should.

We reached out to Raspberry Pi about this issue and were told a board revision with a spec-compliant charging port should be out sometime in the "next few months". As a result, the cable doesn't supply power, and your Raspberry Pi won't start up.



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