Florida Man Contracts Deadly Flesh-Eating Bacteria Despite Never Going in Water

Florida Man Contracts Deadly Flesh-Eating Bacteria Despite Never Going in Water

The family of Lynn Fleming, 77, said the grandmother was visiting Coquina Beach in Manatee County when she scraped her left leg in the water.

"Please be careful out there guys and if you start seeing wounds such as these please get somewhere fast!" "I had a scratch on my leg, and I didn't think anything of it", Barnes replied. Especially an incident of a Florida woman in her 70s traumatized her family.

She was taken to a hospital the next day where she was diagnosed with the flesh-eating disease and died after suffering two strokes and organ failure. "I was in a wheelchair too".

"If you start to feel sick you are not overreacting you are saving your life is what you are doing", Barnes said.

Barnes said she isn't anxious about her official diagnosis; she thanks the doctors for saving her life. This infection is somewhat rare and can come from different strains of bacteria, according to doctors.

This can lead to necrotizing fasciitis, in which bacteria damages and kills the skin and tissue covering the muscles, and why Vibrio is referred to as a flesh-eating bacteria. "Just pay attention. Don't be afraid of the ocean, but be aware of what's going on", said Agus. More than one type of bacteria can eat the flesh in this way; Public health experts believe that group A Streptococcus bacteria are the most common cause of these infections. In an update, she wrote, "Went to pediatrician this morning and she is really happy with the healing!"

"About 30 minutes after getting out of the water, my leg started swelling up, and it started turning really red", Martinez, who is from Orlando, said.

"I had figured that it was from riding aggressively through the trail, as it's been awhile since I've rode [sic] a bike like that".

Barnes said her mom drove her to Sarasota Memorial Hospital when the first symptoms appeared.

The man, Tyler King, works on Santa Rosa Beach (near where I grew up in Pensacola). He then took Benadryl but his arm tripled in size. "When I was a bit younger, I would have attempted to tough it out".

"I would just say practice caution", King added to Fox 10.

"If I had gone to sleep ... and had woke up with it at the rate it was spreading, I might not have an arm right now", he told CBS News.

Though King said he didn't directly touch water the day he was infected, similar cases have cropped up on other beaches across the East Coast.

He said he still doesn't know what caused the infection.

"She got mad when I tried to make a fuss, you know the way mothers are", Wade Fleming said.

"She stumbled into that, hit the bank on the far side", Fleming said.

Florida has had its scares with "flesh-eating bacteria" over the past few weeks and as millions of Americans head to the coast this holiday week, there are new concerns about the rare and potentially deadly bacteria found in warm waters. You won't see me there, though.

Necrotizing fasciitis is an infection that can come from numerous bacteria, one of them vibrio vulnificus.



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