SpaceX Falcon Boosters Touch Down at Cape Canaveral

SpaceX Falcon Boosters Touch Down at Cape Canaveral

Before the launch, SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, called this mission as the 'most hard launch ever.' The Falcon Heavy carrying 24 satellites, which needed to be placed in three different orbits, requires multiple upper-stage engine firings and is going to take several hours to release them all, according to The Washington Post.

SpaceX has now failed to stick the core booster landing with all three of its Falcon Heavy launches.

Monday night, Musk's Falcon Heavy rocket fired up into the space from a launch pad in Florida, carrying a bunch of 24 experimental satellites that are meant to be safely delivered into three different drop off points in the orbit as planned.

Two SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket boosters return to the ground after helping launch the U.S. Air Force's Space Test Program 2 Mission from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla., on June 25, 2019. It marked the first time that the Pentagon has allowed its satellites or other hardware to be launched aboard a previously used rocket. The second half was fished out of the water the ship GO Navigator. The launch of STP-2 has been hailed at its most challenging mission yet as the massive Falcon 9 Heavy rocket was pushing 24 satellites into orbit with different orbits required for some satellites.

In addition, as reported by the American news portal Business Insider, on Board the Falcon Heavy was the dust of 152 people in a metal capsule, which was supposed to release in open space.

The satellites will be utilized for tests including a few USA government offices, just as some college ventures.

When a rocket sends a spacecraft into orbit, and that spacecraft deploys its payload (in last night's launch, the payload was a whopping 24 satellites) the protective nose cone covering the payload bay splits in half. The Falcon Heavy is considered the world's most reliable operating rocket. The center booster missed its mark and fell into the ocean.



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