NASA’s Curiosity rover finds new methane spike on Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover finds new methane spike on Mars

Well, its second reading revealed a dramatic drop in the amount of methane in the air, leaving scientists to wonder what is causing methane "plumes" on Mars.

On Wednesday, June 19, the Mars Curiosity rover detected a spike in methane gas concentration, suggesting a possible presence of microbial life on the Red Planet. Curiosity became sent to the crater in half because its watery previous makes it a doubtless space to search out proof of previous existence on Mars.

Scientists have received new data from the Curiosity Rover operating in the area of the crater Gale. Time and again it appeared like all the secrets it has will finally be unveiled, but that never happened.

However, like all other times, it turned out to be futile.

The instruments showed that the content of methane in the atmosphere of the red planet returned to background levels. NASA announced the news on Tuesday about the result of the follow-up experiment.

In the past, these "blind sniffs" of methane by the Curiosity rover have frustrated scientist hoping to pinpoint the exact location and nature of the methane plumes. They are strong enough to have their fixed appliances, but does not affect the total content of the atmosphere - so the orbiters no methane does not "see".

NASA even specified that the Curiosity Rover is not well equipped to deal with the situation.

Major sources of methane on Earth consist of the manufacturing and distribution of fossil fuels; cattle and varied home farm animals, which create methane at some stage within the digestive job; and the decomposition of kill in landfills and wastewater remedy vegetation.

Methane is an odorless, colorless gasoline that might perhaps moreover be produced by straightforward geological processes as nicely as by microbes and diversified dwelling organisms, so the recent methane spike would not definitively visual display unit that life exists or once existed on Mars.

One of the theories given is that the methane is released from cracks and underground reservoirs. That is three events increased than the old mutter, Nature reported, though a ways below atmospheric methane ranges on Earth. Future spacecraft and Mars missions may clear the mystery, but for now, we don't have access to more information.



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