Huge ‘potentially hazardous asteroid’ due to speed past Earth this week

Huge ‘potentially hazardous asteroid’ due to speed past Earth this week

It will be at its closest point directly before 6 p.m. EDT when 2008 KV2 is over the Atlantic Ocean, moving past the Earth with a speed of more than 25,400 miles per hour (40,800 km/h). According to the NASA researchers who made estimates of its travels between 1900 and 2199- 2008 KV2 orbits the solar, but it does not always come that near our planet.

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), California, United States, reckons that the "potentially hazardous" asteroid will pass by Earth again once in 2021 and twice in 2022 after Thursday's round.

Here's the proposed plan: First, NASA will slam its DART spacecraft into the smaller asteroid (Didymoon) before ESA's Hera spacecraft will come in to map the crash's impact crater and determine the asteroid's mass.

The passerby asteroid only measures up to 330 metres across. The agency monitors all known near-Earth objects (NEOs) that venture into the zone between 91 million and 121 million miles (146 million and 195 million km) from the sun, meaning that an object is an NEO if "it can pass within about 30 million miles (50 million kilometers) of Earth's orbit", NASA says on its website.

An asteroid that is almost the size of Paris's Arc de Triomphe has a one-in-7000 chance of hitting Earth.

The centre classes a Potentially Hazardous Asteroid as anything which threatens to approach Earth within 0.05 au.

A huge asteroid three times as long as a football field is set to speed by Earth on Thursday.

According to Fox, the precious metals that make up the asteroid are worth an estimated $10,000 quadrillion, far more than the global economy's worth at $75.5 trillion, and enough to make every person on Earth a billionaire.



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