Google Pixel 3a XL Review

Google Pixel 3a XL Review

"The Pixel $399 3a has a 5.6" AMOLED display and the $479 Pixel 3a XL has a 6" AMOLED display (the same usable screen size as the Pixel 3 XL with the "hide the notch option" active). But one thing that the Digital Wellbeing feature isn't supposed to do is actually slowing devices down.

Ads that have started showing up around the United States take on Apple with a direct price comparison between the iPhone X and the Pixel 3a.

Google debuted Digital Wellbeing previous year, with Android Pie. If you're smartphone is getting slower, then you're going to use it less. For example, you can set timers for specific apps that you don't want to spend too much time on. What it does is track the amount of time users spend on their devices, and allow users to control the amount of time they spend doing so. That being said, with Google Pixel 4 shipping with Android Q pre-installed, is it safe to assume that Google will showcase the desktop mode on the said device during launch. It's also not affecting all Pixel 3a smartphones. Google could fix these with updates though, but given how well that worked out with the Pixel 3, I wouldn't count on it. We disabled Digital Wellbeing just to make sure, and it appeared to be just as fast with it disabled as it was with it enabled.

Stretch-release adhesive secures the battery and this is a plus since it means it's very repair-friendly, and the only screws inside the Pixels are standard T3 Torx fasteners, so you won't need any weird screwdrivers on hand. Over the weekend, people in Washington D.C. noticed a new billboard ad that cleverly highlights the iPhone's subpar low light camera performance while also reminding folks that it's $600 more expensive than a Pixel 3a.



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