Public encouraged to #GetLoud for Mental Health Week

Public encouraged to #GetLoud for Mental Health Week

It's National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day and mental health professionals are sharing useful tips for parents.

According to the World Health Organization, almost 14% of the global burden of disease can be attributed to mental disorders. "I suffer from bipolar and it helps relax me".

This month, various mental health awareness events will be going on around town. It is crucial that the gap between the need for treatment and its provision is addressed. If a loved one shows signs of mental illness, one should start an open and honest discussion with him or her, they said. This means that patients should be given the information they need and should understand well enough to be able to make an informed decision about their care, that will be respected by their healthcare worker. "Legally a vast majority of patients with mental health disorders still retain their right to informed consent".

Involuntary detention can take extreme forms such as in Ghana, where people with mental disorders are often restrained with shackles [6].

Most respondents (59 percent) said they knew someone with a mental disorder - personal experience that APA's CEO, Arthur Evans Jr., said helps fight stigma.

Resources are particularly scarce in low- and middle-income countries.

"Sometimes people forget to think or focus on that, but if you're not mentally well and not feeling healthy mentally, the impact on your whole life can be pretty significant". A whopping 43% of payments for mental health services are paid out-of-pocket by patients or their families.

In all, 42 percent of those who had never had a mental health diagnosis or had never known someone who did were afraid of people with mental disorders.

The study, which questioned 1,085 people online in early April, found that majorities would look for expert assistance for mental health issues such as having hallucinations or delusions (56 per cent), anxiety issues (55 per cent), and post-traumatic stress disorder (53 per cent).

As it is easier to communicate about this easy, people feel more confident to seek support and help for dealing with their problems, but, as stigma is not entirely done, some still keep hiding in the shadows of their sufferance.

Almost 4 of 5 respondents agreed that less stigma and shame around mental health disorders would lower suicide rates. "That's when we start appraising ourselves - our thoughts, our emotions - in relation to mental illness and start internalizing other people's attitudes toward ourselves".

Efforts should also be made to provide mental healthcare at a community level rather than in hospitals.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has more on mental health.



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