Justin Trudeau expels former cabinet ministers from Liberal Party amid corruption scandal


She responds with: "I guess you want me to take Jess to make room for new PMO (chief of staff) (Mathieu or elder) to support incoming PS" - apparently assuming her parliamentary secretary, Arif Virani, was going to be named justice minister and that his chief of staff would be either Mathieu Bouchard or Elder Marques - senior staffers in the Prime Minister's Office whom Wilson-Raybould has since accused of exerting inappropriate pressure on her to intervene in the SNC-Lavalin case.

Former President of the Treasury Board, Jane Philpott expressed her disappointment for being removed from the Liberal caucus on her social media Tuesday night.

"I told you my preference", she texted back.

"Yes, you do because the PM told you why it is happening", Butts responded, describing a cascading series of moves made necessary by Brison's departure. "Most politicians don't do that".

"Rather than acknowledge the obvious - that a range of individuals had inappropriately attempted to pressure the former attorney general in relation to a prosecutorial decision - and apologize for what occurred, a decision was made to attempt to deny the obvious - to attack Jody Wilson-Raybould's credibility and attempt to blame her", Philpott said.

The Liberals now claim they are aghast that Wilson-Raybould secretly recorded a conversation with the "retired" clerk of the Privy Council, Michael Wernick.

In a text message from January 12, according to the screenshots Butts submitted, Wilson-Raybould tells him that she felt "compelled to say - one last time" that moving her out of the justice portfolio is a "mistake".

"I don't really think it matters what party she's with, because she'll represent with integrity with whatever party she's with".

"It's not about gender", she said, saying that her former colleagues had to go simply because they could not be trusted. "Timing of "pushing" me out (which will be the perception-whether true or not) is awful", she texted.

She later tweeted, "I can look myself in the mirror knowing I did what I was required to do and what needed to be done based on principles and values that must always transcend party".

Ms Wilson-Raybould said on Twitter: "I have no regrets".

Neither MP will be allowed to stand as Liberal candidates in the October 21 election as they had planned.

She said she believed the Liberal party shared her vision to build a stronger Canada when it took power in 2015, but the party has strayed from that. "She promised to bring a fresh face to Ottawa and to do politics differently".

Toronto MP John McKay, who was unmoved by Wilson-Raybould's letter, said he's dismayed by her behaviour and believes she and Philpott are "joined at the hip".

"My eyes are wide open on this shift", she wrote, noting that she is proud of the work she had done as justice minister and attorney general.

Rev. Steven Epperson of the Unitarian Church of Vancouver said the decision to oust Wilson-Raybould was "unfortunate". I've been very impressed with her.

When asked what path he thought would've been best, Long said, "I would've like to see those ladies have a chance to address caucus". "I think she is a person of integrity and honesty and I hope she has a future - she should - in politics in this country. I'm not so naive to think there aren't other chapters to come".

However, despite her flawed record, Wilson-Raybould maintained the integrity of the federal prosecution service and upheld the independence of our justice system when it would have been so easy to give in.

"Just after she was elected she reached out to me - I didn't reach out to her - recognizing we were an important constituency within her riding".



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