Trump’s small-business health insurance plan struck down

Trump’s small-business health insurance plan struck down

"If the last few years of debating the Affordable Care Act and all its provisions have taught us anything, it is that Americans value their health care", Sister Carol said, adding: "We welcome a robust discussion in Congress and with the administration on how to continuously improve our country's health care system".

Trump has eagerly talked up the plans, claiming they're doing record business and promising small business owners "you're going to save massive amounts of money and have much better health care".

The disconnect over who is primarily responsible for drafting a replacement plan underscores how unpopular the President's decision is and how hard the path ahead could be for a party that failed to pass health care legislation when they controlled all three branches of government - a monopoly Republicans no longer enjoy.

Aside from this return to health care, the White House is pursuing a limited legislative agenda, with reining in prescription drug prices and passage of a new trade agreement with Canada and Mexico as its priorities. "The Republican Party will become 'The Party of Healthcare!'" wrote Trump in a tweet.

"The Trump administration decided not only to try to destroy protections for Americans living with pre-existing conditions, but to declare all-out war on the health care of the American people", Pelosi said in a statement Monday night.

Rubin asserts that the Democratic House bill should "serve as a warning to Democratic presidential candidates that following Sanders down the rabbit hole marked "Medicare-for-all" is foolish politically and unresponsive to voters' demands". "The bill also reinstates the guarantee for those with preexisting conditions, disallows non-ACA-compliant plans and reaffirms the list of essential health-care benefits to be covered by the ACA".

"I feel comfortable saying that I speak for nearly, if not all, Republican senators when I say that this is the last thing they want to discuss", said one senior Republican leadership aide.

The issue of health care is again center stage for Democrats as their 2020 presidential primary ramps up.

And it's a politically telling sign that Democrats aren't the only ones crying foul over the unexpected Justice Department decision to support a district court ruling that could wipe out coverage for 20 million Americans.

"The move by the Trump administration [to support a federal court ruling invalidating Obamacare] is a slap in the face to American families, a devastating blow", says Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

The decision hits a Labor Department rule created to make it easier for small businesses to band together and buy health insurance in so-called association health plans - one of the Trump administration's initiatives to weaken Obamacare by offering alternatives to the exchanges.

Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana said Obamacare should be struck down with "vengeance and furious anger".

"I look forward to seeing what the president is proposing", McConnell told Politico.

Republicans in Congress seemed to be in no rush to re-engage on the healthcare issue. He feels that it is an important battle to take on, said two people familiar with White House thinking who were not authorized to speak publicly.

Trump has also been reaching out lawmakers directly to talk policy. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) said, "Very carefully".

"What is the number one issue still out there?" It is the political party that found a way to provide affordable, quality health care and not the party that McCain said he was not sure can find a way to do it.

About 11.8 million consumers nationwide enrolled in 2018 Obamacare exchange plans, according to the US government's Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. "Then we're making a mistake".



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