Teen who got vaccinated despite parents' wishes speaks before Congress

Teen who got vaccinated despite parents' wishes speaks before Congress

Lindenberger, who accepted the committee's invitation, announced on Instagram on March 2 that he planned to speak about the importance of vaccinations.

"Can I get vaccinated at my age?"

"Now if you're such a believer in liberty that you do not wish to be vaccinated then there should be a effect and that is you can not infect other people", Cassidy said.

Ethan announced his upcoming trip to Washington in a YouTube video on Saturday. "I have seen people who have not been vaccinated who have required liver transplantation because they were not, and who have ended up with awful diseases for no other reason than they did not understand vaccination was important". His father, though, said that since he's 18 he's fine with it.

The younger Lindenberger, who has a new suit for the occasion, prepared a five-minute speech and a narrative to share with committee members.

Seven people have caught measles in Canterbury.

"Vaccine programs are one of public health's greatest accomplishments", Wiesman told the Senate health committee Tuesday."They are under great threat and we need to reverse course". "If you're such a believer in liberty that you should not be vaccinated, there should be consequences if you infect others", Cassidy said. Lindenberger told senators he's nearly caught up now.

"In one such instance where I approach my mother with information from the CDC that refutes claims vaccines cause autism, she responded with 'that's what they want you to think'".

An Ohio teenager who defied his anti-vaxxer mother's wishes and got all his shots at 18 has testified before Congress about unsafe the spread of misinformation is. He and his mother did about a dozen interviews with various media outlets, including FOX, The Washington Post, CNN, reporters from Berlin and Australia, "Good Morning America" and coverage was in USA Today. "None, again, he was asking three months ago where to go to get vaccinated and now he's sitting on a committee voicing his opinion for research he's done on the internet?"

The hearing came a day after the American Academy of Pediatrics urged the CEOs of Facebook, Google and Pinterest to better counter vaccine misinformation spread through their sites.

Lindenberger and Wheeler have four children - Isaac, 22, Ethan, 18, Noah, 16, and Emma, 14.

"As the title explains, my parents think vaccines are some kind of government scheme".

But Lindenberger said his mother wasn't acting out of malice.

The father said there's a small percentage of cases when there could be "collateral damage" when someone takes medicine.

"I'm not here to say 'don't vaccinate your kids.' If this hearing is for persuasion, I'm all for the persuasion". The thread, posted to "No Stupid Questions", asked users if he should get vaccinated without his parents' consent now that he's 18, and, if so, where.

Even if flu shots are not completely effective, he said, "they do mitigate, and so there is a cross benefit that will decrease the severity".

"He's more neutral because he's not educated", the father added.

"When you convince parents not that their information is incorrect but that their children are at risk that is a much more substantial way to cause people to change their minds", Lindenberger said. He also told the Reflector he decided once he did a lot of research and discussed the matter with his doctor and many other people.



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