Motorola Confirms It's Releasing A Folding Phone & It's Not *Not

Motorola Confirms It's Releasing A Folding Phone & It's Not *Not

Lenovo-owned Motorola is officially jumping on the bandwagon with this year's hottest phone trend: Foldables. Motorola states it has been working on the new form factor since quite some time and it has gone through a lot of iteration.

Motorola's foldable plans have been the subject of increasing speculation ever since January.

Motorola has been working on foldable phones, according to an interview with a company executive, and they don't intend to release one later than other competitors.

That seemed like a staggering figure at the time. Samsung recently showed off the Galaxy Fold at an event in San Francisco. Motorola has "no intention of coming later than everybody else in the market", the exec said, which implies that the first foldable Razr phone will launch soon. The problem with that, Dery told Engadget, is that you're screen is more likely to suffer nicks and damage.

Given that folding smartphones have a plastic display, forgoing the more durable fixed glass coverings on today's devices, the question of scratching and longevity inevitably pops up.

Dery also goes on to discuss other potential design directions including a dual-hinge style display, which would increase the portability factor of the device.

If that's the case, an all-new RAZR with a foldable display on the inside is possible, and we can't tell you how excited that makes us!

The above sayings from Motorola's VP confirm the recent reports that have been published on The Wall Street Journal.

Specifically, he said the company has "no intention" of releasing their device any later than competing smartphones, like the Galaxy Fold.

Nothing's been confirmed yet, of course, but Motorola has made it clear in an interview with Engadget that its device won't have a screen on the outside like the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X do, so that, coupled with the patent filing, could mean something RAZR-like is on the cards. In a similar question, Dan said, "We have been testing a plastic OLED device with plastic film on top". So, while such a design does look lovely, it starts dying from day one.

Doing so, in Dery's opinion, would result in "scratching issues" that would very quickly result in a device that is "not usable".



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