White House: Leaks of Donald Trump's Schedules 'Disgraceful Breach of Trust'

White House: Leaks of Donald Trump's Schedules 'Disgraceful Breach of Trust'

In documents leaked to USA news website Axios, Trump's schedule shows how he has spent his time between November 6 all the way to February 1.

The latest leak appears to place Trump, an early riser, in executive time for the first five hours of any day, before he gets to the Oval Office.

In total, about 297 of the 503 hours on the president's schedule since November 7, 2018 were designated "executive time", a label coined by former chief of staff John Kelly. "Executive time" covers a few different tasks, according to past reports on the President's habits: Watching television, tweeting, making phone calls and reading.

Axios' Lazaro Gamio did some calculations and discovered that out of the 502 hours and 55 minutes accounted for in these schedules, Trump spent 297 hours and 15 minutes in "Executive Time", while 39 hours were spent on lunch, 77 hours and 5 minutes were spent in meetings, 51 hours and 15 minutes were spent on travel and 38 hours and 20 minutes were spent at events.

On some mornings, Trump would summon select staffers to the residence to meet with him, including Kelly, Ivanka Trump and former communications director Hope Hicks. As Axios notes, some pre-planned meetings are listed only on a "more detailed schedule" that is "kept within a very small, tight circle" so as to avoid them being shared publicly.

One senior White House official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told Axios that while Trump's private time is still spent doing work, it is not the "typical" work you would expect.

As the New York Times reported in December: "At the midpoint of his term, Mr. Trump has grown more sure of his own judgment and more cut off from anyone else's than at any point since taking office". Even with Clinton, though, that unstructured time was due largely to the President's penchant for getting involved in the details of governing.

Chris Whipple, a presidential historian, told Axios there is "almost no [historical] parallel" for how the president's days are structured.

"This POTUS is working harder for the American people than anyone in recent history", Madeleine Westerhout, who serves as the president's personal secretary, claimed on Twitter on Sunday. This clearly isn't a way to govern, and it's likely to lead to chaos if and when the time comes that this President is required to make decisions that actually matter.



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