Special Landmark Edition Of Discovery Sport Launched By Land Rover

Special Landmark Edition Of Discovery Sport Launched By Land Rover

A statement from Land Rover - published by Autocar.co.uk - informs that the British automaker has taken the hard decision "to inform our customers that the Range Rover SV Coupe will not proceed into production".

The £240,000 Range Rover SV Coupe was set to attract customers from the likes of Lamborghini and Bentley with its luxurious touches.

Production would have been handled by JLR's Special Vehicles Operations (SVO) Technical Centre, which planned on a limited run of 999 vehicles, but as of Wednesday, production will be 000 vehicles.

Well, Land Rover was planning to put it into production but now the pin has been pulled.

So despite orders for the "Ultimate" Range Rover, JLR has decided it's not going to build it after all and will instead concentrate its efforts on more mainstream models.

Remember the Range Rover SV Coupé revealed in March 2018?

We have a feeling now that Land Rover has proven that there is demand for such a thing, coachbuilders and armorers will pick up the model and offer their own similar versions for about the same price, perhaps without stretching the wheelbase.

When Land Rover first showed off the Range Rover SV Coupe earlier this year, it was a bit of a head-scratcher.

Unfortunately, RR's parent company Jaguar Land Rover finds itself in the midst of a ideal storm. Customers who have ordered the SV Coupe have been informed, although how many customers that is remains unknown.

In the next redesign of the Range Rover, perhaps the automaker will find a way to make a two-door model easier to put into production alongside the four-door model.



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