Skip the toast? Why breakfast might not be that important after all

Skip the toast? Why breakfast might not be that important after all

If your aim is to shed a few kilos, it turns out breakfast isn't the most important meal of the day after all.

Cicuttini's team pooled results from 13 clinical trials from high-income countries, mainly the United States and the UK, from the last 28 years. Do you eat breakfast regularly or do you skip it?

Eating a hearty breakfast doesn't help people eat less later in the day, and those who have breakfast end up eating more calories each day, the review found. Based on the studies, the researchers found that skipping breakfast didn't have a profound effect on afternoon hunger levels and that people who skipped breakfast were on average of about 1lbs lighter than participants who ate breakfast.

There was also no difference in the effect of breakfast on weight between those with a normal weight and those who were overweight.

But a new review found that eating breakfast does not appear to help people lose weight and should not necessarily be recommended as a weight-loss strategy.

The scientists aren't the first to challenge the supposed link between eating breakfast and weight loss.

More research is needed into the impact of breakfast on metabolism and weight.

Previous research has shown weight loss benefits of sticking to a morning meal. "We can conclude that modification of diets to include consumption of breakfast might not be a good strategy for weight loss".

"We found that breakfast is not the most important time of the day to eat, even though that belief is really entrenched in our society and around the world", says study co-author, Monash University professor and head of rheumatology at Alfred Hospital, Flavia Cicuttini. There was also no evidence that they were less likely to overeat later in the day.

That doesn't mean you should skip breakfast - especially if you're hungry - as the study didn't look into any other health outcomes. Others were in addition, as the Breakfast affects the daily energy intake.

"No 'one size fits all, ' and prescriptive slow moving diet guidelines filled with erroneous information look increasingly counterproductive and detract from important health messages". According to the findings of the investigation, the absolute every day energy admission was observed to be higher in groups who had breakfast contrasted and the individuals who skirted it paying little heed to their standard breakfast propensities.

The theory behind this advice is simple: Eating early will speed up your metabolism and keep you from feeling extra hungry and overeating at later meals.

Eating breakfast won't make you slim if you're knocking back a bowl of sugar disguised as cereal, or a full English (which can tally at 800-1000 calories, far above the 200-400 in a serving of cereal). Research has shown that regularly eating a healthy breakfast (think fruits, veggies, and whole grains) helps kids and teens develop normally and stay sharp in school.



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