Israeli scientists claim they'll have cancer cure in a year


Till then the scientific community believes, that if this treatment could actually work, it would be revolutionary in cancer management and further research.

Question: Can you explain what this treatment is and how it works?

The treatment uses a combination of cancer peptides and a toxin that will specifically kill cancer cells.

According to a report by the Jerusalem Post an Israeli company has said that it has developed a drug to combat cancer, using peptides. MuTaTo peptides will be able to attack and kill specific cancer cells without attacking an entire area of the body, thereby nearly completely eliminating any side effects. Now peptides are seen as a promising approach to treat disease.

However, he says MuTaTo is small, flexible, and strong enough to both destroy stem cells and penetrate where other drugs can not reach.

He added: "My colleagues here at American Cancer Society tell me phage or peptide display techniques, while very powerful research tools for selecting high affinity binders, have had a hard road as potential drugs". This sounds very encouraging. And he says it will "dramatically decrease side effects because it does not target non-cancerous cells as current cancer drugs do". The researchers are predicting that a patient could potentially complete their treatment after only a few weeks.

Morad equated the concept of MuTaTo to the drug cocktail that has helped transform AIDS from being an automatic death sentence to a chronic yet manageable disease, according to the Israeli news outlet.

Question: Let's look at some facts, how likely is this "cure" to become reality?

Critics have said that the claims of its effectiveness are wildly overstated, and that the only trials have been on mice. This is a good first step. Now, they will soon move forward with clinical trials and would make treatment available within a few years.

"Not even cancer can mutate three receptors at the same time", he explained.

It is also the one to develop the "SoAP platform", a combinatorial biology screening platform technology, which provides functional leads-agonist, antagonist, inhibitor, etc. -to very hard targets.

Julia Frater, senior cancer information nurse at the charity Cancer Research UK, told Newsweek: "Unsubstantiated claims that there will be a cure for all cancers in a year are irresponsible and can be misleading for patients".

"It isn't helpful to build up false hope, or talk of universal cancer cures when advances in knowledge are often made in small steps not giant leaps", he said.



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