Bethesda Compensates Fallout 76 Bag Customers With 500 Atoms

Bethesda Compensates Fallout 76 Bag Customers With 500 Atoms

Bethesda not only seemed to blame a contracted worker for the improper response but they also essentially reiterated what this worker said to the bag owner.

Bethesda has apologised over the quality of merchandise in Fallout 76's Power Armour Edition, after fans called out the company for a falsely advertised duffel bag.

Bethesda later followed up with a public apology, issuing the following statement.

Nevertheless, it doesn't make up for the fact that Bethesda made a significant change to an expensive product without informing its customers, and hasn't been handling the resulting complaints in a satisfactory manner. Perhaps Bethesda's taking all this survivalist stuff a bit seriously: it's in a hole, and just keeps on digging. We'll see if Bethesda chooses to offer more compensation to Power Armor Edition buyers, because at the moment, it's clear that many consumers consider 500 Atoms to be insulting.

Atoms are premium in-game currency in Fallout 76.

An example of what you can buy for 500 Atoms. Image courtesy of MittenSquad
An example of what you can buy for 500 Atoms. Image courtesy of MittenSquad

Bethesda's actually-shipped version of this at-first-glance pretty great Collector's Edition doesn't feature a canvas bag like it did in the original reveal.

The item in question is a tote bag that came in the $200 Collector's Edition. Well, this wasn't the bag that made the final cut.

Bethesda Studios is refusing refunds based on their digital store policy, but some players previously reported that their refunds were granted by the company's support team. We hope this doesn't prevent anyone from enjoying what we feel is one of our best collector's editions. We aren't planning to do anything about it'.

If the response from Fallout community is to believe then it's a big NO. There's even one thread urging Power Armor Edition buyers not to claim the 500 Atoms Bethesda is offering because those who do might be exempt from future class action lawsuit rulings.

To be clear, that's 500 Atoms - or, as I like to call it $5 (£3.99) in pretend money. As some wags have pointed out on Twitter, this is not enough in-game currency to purchase the Post Man skin, which would at least provide players with an in-game canvas bag.



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