These Australian Doctors Swallowed Lego Pieces For Science

These Australian Doctors Swallowed Lego Pieces For Science

And you thought Tide Pods were a odd fad. "Perhaps one day many years from now, a gastroenterologist performing a colonoscopy will find it staring back at him", they wrote.

Lego heads are small but lego is still listed as one of the major choking hazards at home for kids by the Canadian Paediatric Society.

Six paediatricians from Australia and the United Kingdom in the experiment, swallowed on the head man from Lego and waited complete its passage through the gastrointestinal tract.

You can read the research published in the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health here.

They noted that the Lego toy took a very short time to pass through the bowels. "Using the Shat score, the researchers also found the consistency of their stools did not change".

How long does it take to poop Lego?

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Of course, note the researchers, figures of different shapes and sizes can travel longer, and it may be desirable to repeat the experiment with the hands or bodies of the LEGO men. The authors wrote that the "search was conducted on an individual basis, and search technique was decided by the participant". They then recorded how long it took for the LEGO toy to exit through the stool, measured by the Found and Retrieved Time (FART) score.

The Found and Retrieved Time (FART) which basically involves searching through a person's poop until you find the Lego that had been ingested.

And the end result?

However, the researchers showed that the pieces pass through the bowels within 1.7 days. The study was extremely small and limited, but, according to Forbes, "does offer some reassurance to parents and anyone who needs a Lego head to complete a body that such a small toy part will be pooped out without complications, typically in 1 to 3 days".

Well, University of Melbourne researcher Dr Andrew Tagg and a handful of fearless paediatricians chose to take a couple of LEGO heads for the team so they could answer that very question.



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