NEJM Publishes Highly Positive Study Data on OIT Biologic for Peanut Allergy

NEJM Publishes Highly Positive Study Data on OIT Biologic for Peanut Allergy

The study was to be presented Sunday at the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) annual meeting, in Seattle, and published simultaneously in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The NEJM article alludes to the profound effect desensitization can have on a patient's quality of life.

Peanut allergy, a potentially life-threatening condition, has doubled over the last two decades and affects about 1 in 50 children in the UK. The publication notes that, "despite vigilance, accidental exposures may occur and cause reactions of unpredictable severity, even with small amounts of allergen, leading to a lifelong risk of severe reactions".

Dr. Brian Vickery, publication lead author and former senior medical director at Aimmune.

Prof Hourihane said there could be FDA approval for the treatment next year and it may be available commercially by 2020.

With Prof Jonathan Hourihane acting as principal investigator, the INFANT researchers ran the Irish part of the trial involving 30 children with another 521 taking part across the world, all of whom have a peanut allergy.

A large study provides the strongest evidence that children and teenagers can be desensitized to peanut allergies through controlled, escalating exposure to a substance that could otherwise trigger a life-threatening reaction - an advance that specialists said was likely to herald the development of new food allergy drugs.

Peanut vs peanut " We're excited about the potential to help children and adolescents with peanut allergy protect themselves against accidentally eating a food with peanut in it", says co-author Stephen Tilles, MD.

Parents are able to mix it dose in foods such as yogurt.

Doses were gradually built up every two weeks for a period of six months, before continuing on a "maintenance dose" of peanut for an additional six months.

As in other OIT studies, mild to moderate side effects were common in the Palisade study.

The revolutionary immunotherapy trial in Ireland has shown that more than two thirds of those on the treatment could tolerate peanuts after the trial. Epinephrine was used for severe reactions in two patients, and there was one case of severe anaphylaxis.

As anyone reading the ingredients of everyday items such as chocolate bars or savoury sauces will tell you, having a peanut allergy requires an very bad lot of care when eating something unfamiliar. But, much like the study on families with high socioeconomic status, the drug was most effective in younger participants, with those aged 18 to 55 years not experiencing significant results.



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