US Elections: Referendum on Trump’s presidency? - Rabobank

US Elections: Referendum on Trump’s presidency? - Rabobank

Majority votes in both the Senate and the House are needed to pass laws.

However, the election will have a significant impact on how much power Trump will have for the rest of his presidency. He added: "The Democrat agenda is a socialist nightmare".

Secondly, it could lead to a string of damaging congressional investigations being launched by House committees controlled by the Democrats, on everything from Mr Trump's tax returns to the business interests of his family. "It's an awakening of the Democratic Party".

Still, Democrats have a narrow chance of taking the U.S. Senate, which would potentially give them complete control of Congress if they take the House as well.

Like Ms. Swallows and Ms. Kent, more than 30 million Americans already have voted in a midterm election expected to draw unprecedented numbers by the time polls close on November 6 night. But all of them will show whether the collective frustration of college-educated voters - particularly women - as well as the anger of young and minority voters will serve as a check on Trump and the Republican lock on power in Washington.

Mr Trump, in particular, has played on a visceral fear of weak borders and caravans of migrants heading from Central America to the U.S., and of the bogeys of runaway crime and socialist "mobs", if the Democrats gain ground and stall his agenda.

Voters on the other side were also galvanised by the Kavanaugh hearings a "smear campaign", in the opinion of Natalie Pig, a 31-year-old attorney in Missouri motivated to elect people to Congress sure to stand behind Mr. Trump. A federal court threw out this attempt in Georgia, allegedly a planned effort by Republican candidate for the post of governor, its current secretary of state Brian Kemp.

The two parties were also tangling in several crucial governors' races, including in Midwest battleground states such as Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa and MI. More men than women have seen financial gains (44 percent to 32 percent) and the rich - well, they are rich.

Even veteran observers of US campaigns find it all a little bewildering. The demographic shifts also reflect each party's closing argument.

With a walking caravan of immigrants weeks away from reaching the border, Mr Trump dispatched more than 5,000 troops to the region.

Democrats, meanwhile, have beat their drum on health care.

FILE - Florida Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum, left, and Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL), right, listen to former President Barack Obama as he addresses the media and supporters as they stump for votes at a rally in Miami, Florida, Nov. 2, 2018.

He says it himself: Even though Trump is not on the ballot, he is at the heart of the 2018 vote. The Senate is a different matter.

This is the first major test by voters of Donald Trump's presidency. Democrats were buoyed by a wave of Republican retirements and an overwhelming fundraising advantage. At the core, the goal they're pitching in the final stretch of the campaign is two more years of moving Trump's agenda and a focus on creating more jobs.

"I'm not pleased with Trump's leadership at all".

"The character of our country's on the ballot". I think we're doing very well in the Senate. But at a rally in Cleveland later, he conceded, "In a sense, I am on the ticket".

Voting will begin on the east coast at 11pm AEST, with early voting figures showing a huge increase in turnout since the last midterm elections in 2014.

Democrats also threaten to recapture governors' offices in several battleground states such as Michigan, Wisconsin and OH, a potential help for the party in those states in the 2020 presidential race. "That's why our economy is growing like it is".

They need to pick up two dozen seats to claim the House majority.

"Democrats are inviting caravan after caravan of illegal aliens to flood into our country and overwhelm your communities", he told a Make America Great Again rally Monday in the swing state of Ohio. "Or whether we let the radical Democrats take control of Congress and take a giant wrecking ball to our economy, and to our future".

"I don't feel despair", she said.



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