White House to press forward with Trump's Space Command

White House to press forward with Trump's Space Command

"The American side, especially with the arrival of the Trump's administration, has embarked on a course for total domination in outer space, just like in other areas", Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said in comments quoted by TASS in response to statements of US Vice President Mike Pence, who earlier spoke of US dominance of space.

Pence's remarks on Tuesday came during a "Transformers: Space" policy summit hosted by the Post at its Washington headquarters, where he provided an outline of the Trump administration's plans for space in the coming year.

He said that the national space Council referred the recommendations to the President.

Defense Secretary James Mattis said that "right now what we're going to do is set up a combatant command", and the military would be working with the Congress on it.

But Pence claimed that Russian Federation and China already have military operations in space and said potential threats in space include anti-satellite weapons, airborne lasers, "highly threatening in-orbit activities and evasive hypersonic missiles".

The new force would be created to 'ensure that our warfighters have the freedom and flexibility they need to deter and defeat any threat to our security in the rapidly evolving battlefield of space, ' he said.

A lack of centralized leadership and accountability threatened US ability to "advance our national security in space", Pence said.

"That will be the project of the space force going forward".

Pence further insisted that space is a "warfighting domain" for the United States, and that for the time being, the Outer Space Treaty does not strictly get in the way of America's militarization efforts.

In in 2015, China essentially stood up its own space force, he said.

U.S. President Donald Trump's planned U.S. Space Command should seek to develop ways for the country's military to operate in outer space, White House advisers recommended on Tuesday, with the government hoping to secure approval for it by 2020.

According to Pence, the space development Agency should be concerned about the creation of new technologies.



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