May appeals for party unity at ‘toughest phase’ of Brexit

May appeals for party unity at ‘toughest phase’ of Brexit

"So why we can think that Ireland is going to be such a disaster, I don't know".

He said that the Prime Minister's Chequers proposal was "not what we voted for" and instead a recipe for "continued acrimony", as it would encourage calls for another vote, which he believes will be "disastrous for trust in politics".

But did it succeed?

The British prime minister poked fun at her Maybot image as she got her groove on to Abba's Dancing Queen - mocking her dance moves from a recent trip to Africa - before appealing to the party to get behind her. One will occur when the government falls, and after May lost her outright majority at last year's general election - another short-term gambit that failed - that could happen any time. "If we don't, if we all go off in different directions in pursuit of our own visions of the flawless Brexit, we risk ending up with no Brexit at all", she said. As well as showing support for arch-Brexiteer Jacob Rees Mogg, whose children had to witness a far left protestor slagging him off, May extended an olive branch to a far less likely target: 'The first black woman ever to be elected to the House of Commons receives more racist and misogynist messages today than when she first stood over 30 years ago.

He said he wanted to force May to reverse her bid to keep close economic ties with the European Union once Britain leaves in March. Would Jim Callaghan... ask the Russian government to confirm the findings of our own intelligence department?

"It is a question of when they make their views known". She had a mischievous dig at her Tory rival Boris Johnson and urged colleagues to unite behind her Brexit vision, saying it would be "good for jobs and in the national interest".

She made a grab for traditionally Labour territory by saying that the NHS "embodies our principles as Conservatives" and boasting of the presence in the Tory front ranks of immigrant's son Sajid Javid, former Barnardo's girl Esther McVey and lesbian mother-to-be Ruth Davidson.

When the Prime Minister did speak of Brexit, it was without referring once to her Chequers soft-Brexit plan by name, a sign that she has now accepted the term has now acquired a tox status.

But the European Union is demanding new proposals from Britain before it signs a deal - and many Conservatives are in no mood to compromise.

Three British government ministers privately support the idea of holding a second referendum on the final Brexit deal, a former junior minister said on Monday. "Don't let anyone tell you we don't have what it takes", she said. But she refused to rule it out, adding: 'The resilience and ingenuity of the British people would see us through'.

Theresa May will round off the Tory conference with an attempt to raise party morale and convince activists that the Conservatives are about more than Brexit.

In her crucial keynote speech to the Conservative conference in Birmingham on Wednesday, Mrs May said next year's post-Brexit Spending Review will set out a programme of increased investment in public services, as a mark that the decade of cuts following the financial crash is coming to an end.

The Conservative Party has spent the conference showcasing its divisions and May was obligated to try to paper them over.

"We need a strong leader and we haven't got that at the moment", Duddridge told the BBC.

I found an alternative privately, but this dynamic is now already rippling through business, agriculture, hospitality, healthcare and most other sections of the economy. "A renewed approach to housing and education will lift productivity and improve people's lives", added Fairbairn.



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