Task Force Again Recommends Cervical Cancer Screening

Task Force Again Recommends Cervical Cancer Screening

Women ages 21 to 29, meanwhile, should continue to get Pap smears every three years, as the prior USPSTF guidelines recommended.

New evidence reveals that the human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually transmitted disease, causes almost all cases of cervical cancer.Because of this, women aged 30-65 can now opt to take an HPV test once every five years to screen for cervical cancer.

According to CNN, in the past, the recommendation for that age group was to have a Pap every three years and co-testing every five years.

The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) has provided new recommendations for cervical cancer screenings that give women more options for testing.

HARRIS: Maybe eventually women who have been vaccinated will no longer need to get cervical cancer screening, but scientists want to have more evidence in hand before making that call. It is recommended that women keep visiting their health care providers on a regular basis.

These new guidelines only apply to individuals with a cervix who have not had any irregular test results.

She said the guidelines may make it easier for women in areas with fewer doctors or clinics to get tested. The Task Force is an independent panel of experts that makes evidence-based recommendations on disease prevention.

The screenings should be continued until age 65. That means there is no need to have simultaneous pap tests. Melnikow coauthored an evidence review for the USPSTF. Whatever test is available to you, get screened. Both tests collect samples in the same way. The report analyses the Cervical Cancer Diagnostic Tests market based on present industry situations, Cervical Cancer Diagnostic Tests market demands, business strategies utilized by Cervical Cancer Diagnostic Tests market players and the future prospects from various angles in detail.Business and analysts uses industry analysis as a market assessment tool to understand the complexity of an industry.

But by the time a woman is 30, the virus has had time to potentially take hold in the tissue and start causing the damage that can lead to cancer. The task force had considered suggesting two options, either the Pap smear or the HPV test, but its final recommendation, published in the medical journal JAMA included the combination test too, Owens says. "Our view is all three of those are highly effective, and women should discuss with their physicians which option they want to pick".

But, they said, "in 2016, 10 years after approval of the first HPV vaccine in the United States, only 43 percent of adolescents (50 percent of girls and 38 percent of boys) were up to date with the HPV vaccination guidelines, compared with 88 percent for tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis vaccine".

In the past, cervical cancer was one of the most common cancer killers of American women.

"Screening for cervical cancer saves lives and identifies the condition early when it is treatable", said task force member Carol Mangione, MD, of UCLA. This included women under 21, women who've had a hysterectomy that included removal of the cervix, women aged 65 and older who have had adequate screening in the past and aren't at a high risk of HPV. Also increase in geriatric population leads to more number of cases with osteoporosis is expected to boost the revenue growth of women's health diagnostic testing market throughout the forecast period. Health officials recommend the HPV vaccine as well.



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