Fortnite Temporarily Removes Shopping Carts and ATK Due to Bug

Fortnite Temporarily Removes Shopping Carts and ATK Due to Bug

This is a tricky challenge for the players.

This is the simplest challenge of them all!

For the general location of all 10 flaming rings, check out the map below. Remember, most of the Rifts don't directly spawn in the city itself so you'll need to explore the outlying mountains and ravines. The nearest town is called Pleasant Park, and just nearby are the other two locations. The Road Trip tier in the game gives the players some rewards in the loading screens. I would suggest trying to find an AKT over a Shopping Kart and then driving around the rest of the map while you try to complete as many as possible.

Even though this sounds hard you won't have a ton of trouble if you play in duos, squads, or any of the limited time modes. Unless you have to, stick to the Stink Bomb and normal grenades since Clingers have a smaller blast radius. A full list of challenges, along with how to accomplish them, can be found below and through this guide. If you look past all the fun and frolicking to the back wall, you'll spot an image of a camel and a drinking cup, along with a picture of the Battle Star-that's the clue you need. As you land, look for a small white tree, and you will find the Star hidden very close to it.

You will need to hit hole in ones at five different tees around the golf course.

We're in Season 5 Week 4 already, so here's a what you're chasing this time. We don't blame you, don't worry.

Below are photos of where to stand and put your crosshair in order to obtain a hole in one at each tee. At least you knocked another challenge off of the list.

Currently, we do not know where this Battle Star is located.

This one is plain and simple, you just need to go to Flush Factory over and over until you have searched 7 chests.



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