Longest Total Lunar Eclipse of 21st Century to fall on 27th July

Longest Total Lunar Eclipse of 21st Century to fall on 27th July

The skies have been busy overall as well, with the Gemenid meteor shower in mid-December 2017, and the Lyrid meteor shower in April 2018. The bad news is that North America will not be able to see it. However, this eclipse lasted for a little over one hour (1 hour and 16 minutes, more precisely).

The Strawberry Moon is also called Hot Moon because it's the beginning of summer and Rose Moon, Honey Moon and Hay Moon because it's the time of the first hay harvest. The eclipse will only be visible in the Eastern Hemisphere July is shaping up to be an excellent month for astronomy fans.

During the eclipse, the moon will turn a spectacular red or ruddy-brown colour, the website reported.

Now, the theory has picked up the pace again with conspiracy theorists saying that the Blood Moon will wipe out things from Earth.

We average at least two lunar eclipses per year and at least four eclipses total.

The blood moon eclipse should last a whopping one hour and 43 minutes. That means the moon will appear slightly smaller in the sky and will take a little bit longer to go through Earth's shadow.

In addition to the moon being in the flawless spot for a lunar eclipse on July 27-28, it is also at its farthest point away from the earth.

This is because the full moon happens to coincide next month with the point at which the moon's orbit is furthest away from the earth, so it will take longer to pass through the earth's shadow.

Saturn will be closest to the Earth on Wednesday, making it a great opportunity to view and see the planet in detail.

When will the eclipse occur?

There's another lunar eclipse in late July and it coincides with a particularly bright Mars.

While full moons can affect your sleep slightly, they are not thought to vastly alter your sleeping pattern.

According to NASA this is the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century. If you're in Vancouver, then you'll see a full Strawberry Moon appear tonight.

The eclipse will be completely visible over Eastern Africa and Central Asia, and will be partially seen over Western Africa, Eastern Asia, South America, Europe, and Australia.



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