Indian lab discovers large exoplanet around a Sun-like star


It is being reported that when it comes to the temperature of the three planets that are the same size as Earth, this is where the similarity ends as they would nearly certainly have surface temperatures that are much higher than our planet owing to the intense radiation given by the red dwarf star they orbit.

Ahmedabad, have discovered an exoplanet that is larger than Neptune but smaller than Saturn. Its mass is about 27 times Earth's and six times that of Earth at radius.

The Indian team from the PRL employed their "PRL Advance Radial-velocity Abu-sky Search" (PARAS) spectrograph with which they measured the mass of the new exoplanet. The planet is situated very near to the star and takes only 19.5 days to complete a full revolution.

"Such a discovery is of importance for understanding the formation mechanism of such super-Neptune or sub-Saturn kind of planets that are too close to the host star".

Indian researchers at Physics Research Laboratory (PRL), for the first time, have succeeded in detecting a planet revolving around a star. PRL scientists, who observed the target for about 1.5 years with the spectrograph, made calculations which suggested that heavy elements like ice, silicates and iron content make 60%-70% of the total mass. Scientists have named this host star as EPIC 211945201 or K2-236 while the planet will be known as EPIC 211945201b or K2-236b. Now, a trio of new rocky worlds has been discovered orbiting a distant star, and while they're a lot like Earth in terms of size, they're a bit steamier.

The PARAS reads the entire electromagnetic spectrum from microwave to infrared radiation which allows the scientists to read the composition of the planet, surface temperature, and the nature of the atmosphere. It was designed by the members of the Astronomy and Astrophysics Division of PRL. Isro said very few such spectrographs exist around the world (mostly in the USA and Europe) that can do such precise measurements. "Extra" implies that these are outside our solar system. The first exoplanet (51 Pegasi b) was discovered by Michael Mayor and Didier Queloz in 1995.

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