Rare dinosaur skeleton sold to private buyer for over 2 mln Dollars

Rare dinosaur skeleton sold to private buyer for over 2 mln Dollars

He said it was the "only one of its species" to have yet been discovered.

A mystery dinosaur skeleton was sold at auction for more than $2.36 million in France, but paleontologists are not happy with the sale. In the skeleton there are several key physical differences that set it apart from similar species such as Allosaurus fragilis.

The dinosaur bones are believed to be from a new species of Allosaurus, which was dug from a site in Wyoming back in 2013, The Guardian reported. It measures 30 feet long and 9 feet high and, according to paleontologist Eric Mickeler, "the skeleton is 70% complete. This is remarkable to have such a large amount of original fossilized bones".

From the remains, whatever it proves to be, the dinosaur dies at an old age, Mickeler, a valuation expert for the French auction house Aguttes said.

French auction house Aguttes, which had previously sold a mammoth skeleton and that of another dinosaur, had said before Monday's sale that the buyer might be able to name the new species, sparking objections from a U.S. scientific association.

The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (SVP) at Bethesda in Maryland representing an worldwide team of near about two thousand two hundred paleontologists did not support the auction and wanted it to get canceled due to concerns regarding the historical asset landing in a private entity. Although some of its recent history remains unclear, at some point after being discovered the bones were legally exported to Europe and studied at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences of Brussels. He is confident the fossil will be donated to a museum or public institution.

"I really hope the new owner will put it on display", he said.

Originally estimated to be worth up to €1.8 million, the specimen was sold off to an unnamed private collector for the US equivalent of $2,360,389.

It added that part of the profit from the sale will go to two charities fighting for the preservation of endangered species.



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