UC sues Trump administration over repeal of DACA

UC sues Trump administration over repeal of DACA

The University of California is suing President Donald Trump's administration for ending a program that deferred the deportation of undocumented individuals brought to the United States as children.

"Gerónimo Gutierrez, Mexican, ambassador to Washington, has sent letters to USA senators and congressional representatives highlighting the value of the young DACA to US society and urging a resolution that brings them legal certainty", the statement continued.

Napolitano's lawyers also state that Trump's decision hurts the approximately 4,000 undocumented UC students, whose attendance at the university's ten campuses depends on work permits from DACA, and threatens the "academic and cultural benefits" such students contribute to the UC system.

"They've grown up here, they've gotten their educations here, many of them don't even speak the language of the country to which they would be deported if this decision were allowed to stand", Napolitano said on a call with reporters. Earlier this week, attorneys general from 15 blue states and D.C. filed a suit asking a federal judge to strike down Trump's rescission of DACA.

Though the suit has been filed, Napolitano said Friday she would still encourage any DACA recipient whose deferral or work permit is set to expire by or before March 5, 2018 to apply to have those documents renewed by the October 5 deadline. During the conference, she said that the suit makes three fundamental claims about the Trump administration's actions to rescind DACA: it's not supported by reasoned decision making, it didn't follow the proper procedure and the decision violates the due process rights of the university and DACA students and staff under the USA constitution.

Enacted in 2012 under President Barack Obama, DACA allows young people to work legally in the USA, and not be deported, for renewable, two-year periods. Overall, about 800,000 young people nationwide are protected by DACA. She advised recipients whose registrations would expire before March 5 to apply for a renewal before October 5. No new applications will be accepted.

"No court has ever held that DACA was illegal and I believe it to be a legal exercise of prosecutorial discretion", Napolitano said. They work in almost every occupation, and replacing them would cost California businesses more than $1 billion in recruiting and training costs, he said.

UC's lawsuit would impact DACA recipients nationwide, not just in California, Napolitano said.

On Tuesday evening, members of the Berkeley community swarmed Sproul Plaza in protest of Trump's decision. Napolitano said Friday she is confident in her challenge because the program was designed through a "careful legal analysis" and it has never been deemed illegal by a US court. Among other things, the suit claims that the Trump administration did not provide sufficient legal justification for rescinding the program. Although U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions accused the Obama administration of much the same thing when enacting DACA, calling it "an end-around Congress", Napolitano said the original DACA decision was based on thorough legal research and consultation with hundreds of people.

"On a personal basis, yes, I have a keen interest in DACA", she said.



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