Fake TIME magazine covers displayed at Donald Trump's golf club locations

Fake TIME magazine covers displayed at Donald Trump's golf club locations

The phrase was prominently displayed on Trump's Twitter Tuesday after three reporters resigned from CNN after having to retract a story on Russian Federation that they got wrong. There was, however, one released on March 2, and some of its cover lines appear on the fake Trumpian edition, which replaces Kate Winslet with a much beefier blonde who would one day become president of the United States.

Dated March 1, 2009, the cover photo features a stern-looking Trump looking like he is either trying to squeeze out a very girthy turd or struggling to contain his vagina-grabbing urges from exploding to the surface. Most notably, both of the headlines pertaining to Trump end with exclamation points - a stylistic practice more commonly seen on the covers of supermarket tabloids. The real cover, from 2007, had the headline "The Global Warming Survival Guide".

Fake TIME magazine covers displayed at Donald Trump's golf club locations
Fake TIME magazine covers displayed at Donald Trump's golf club locations

Time Magazine also confirmed to the Post that the cover was fake. And according to Time magazine's own accounting, has been on the cover just once before he entered politics, in January 1989. Within that same club, the Post reminds that there is also a marker, as first reported by The New York Times, proclaiming that it was the site of a Civil War battle that had turned the Potomac River into a "River of Blood"-a battle that never happened, and a detail that sounds like something a 13-year-old Webelos might invent to impress a bunch of Cub Scouts". The date coincides with the eighth season premiere of Trump's reality TV show, "Celebrity Apprentice".



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