Destiny 2: See The First 4K PC Screenshots


Smith also elaborated on the game's story, explaining how the antagonist Ghaul believes his people are more deserving of the power humanity has been awarded by the Traveller - that enormous, mysterious orb floating above Earth's last city and visible in most of Destiny's marketing. This isn't all that surprising considering Activision and Blizzard merged years ago, and Activision owns the rights to publish all Destiny games (although they should just start calling it from here on out).

There's been numerous confusion regarding Destiny 2 and it's supposed frame rate on consoles.

Game director Luke Smith said at the outset of a Destiny 2 gameplay presentation live-streamed from the Jet Center in Hawthorne, California that Destiny 2 is going to be a new beginning for everyone. The PC version of Destiny 2 will released and played via the Blizzard App launcher, which is a definite first.

The news isn't a surprise, however. Having the game available on the same launcher as other Activision Blizzard titles like Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and Heroes of the Storm is a plus for the publisher.

Clans can open up slots in their squads for anyone to join, letting them fill out empty spots and giving lone wolves a chance to try the game's biggest challenges. It's an encouraging list, confirming numerous features PC players expect from a major release.

Could this be the first step in Blizzard attempting to usurp Steam in the PC distribution race? However, as Bungie's David Shaw notes to PC Gamer, the minimum and recommended specs won't be announced for a bit longer. There will be an FOV slider in the game at launch, along with support for 21:9 ultra-wide displays.

Destiny 2 releases worldwide on September 8, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

We'll be able to make a better judgement of the changes when the game receives a beta this summer.

But the most glaring part of the story is the rumor about the PS4 exclusive content. It's essentially showing the events that led up to everything in "Destiny 1". This is the first time the series will launch on PCs running Windows. This is Destiny 2's version of matchmaking. You watch him fight, die, and come back to life. Do you think the extra features on PC are worth waiting for?



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