Google launches new features for Photos

Google launches new features for Photos

Launched in 2015, Google (GOOG) Photos has been a standout hit for the company. In October 2015, there were 100 million monthly active users before doubling eight months later, and then ultimately more than doubling once more a year later. Google said 1.2 billion photos are being uploaded each day.

The update is created to "help you share and receive the meaningful moments in your life". You can share all of your photos, photos of specific people, or only photos taken since a certain date. Because honestly, you know how to take pictures - you just need to share them properly.

And Google knows a lot, as the features will constantly remind you.

Google is adding some novel features to its Photos service, including reminders to share pictures with friends and family featured in those photos. To demonstrate it, Anil Sabharwal, the Google Photos VP who was presenting, took out a cardboard cutout of his daughters on stage, took a photo, and Google Photos automatically shared them with his wife. You get a notification on your phone, or you can access the new sharing tab in the mobile Photos app to see the suggestions.

As the name suggests, Shared Libraries allows you to share images with people, such as a partner or close family member, easily and automatically.

What's the first thing your mom does when your relatives from overseas come to visit you?

For those who prefer physical photos, there's the Photo Books option, which can turn your digital images into real picture albums.

Printed photo albums will never lose their charm. Your first road trip, wedding photos etc. They also plan to bring this to other countries soon. They're handsome, high quality, with a clean and modern design. Instead, it automatically organizes your library by people, places, and things. Photos has become an integral part of the Google ecosystem and the tech giant is further using machine learning to make its functions more seamless and predictable.

Photo editors like Photoshop and Affinity have intelligent eraser tools that remove objects by blending in nearby colors, but we rarely see the feature built into mobile applications.

"On the pricing end, Photo Books will start at "$9.99 for a 20-page softcover book and $19.99 for a hardcover book". This marks a fairly big expansion of Google Photos capabilities and in such a short space of time. Sundar Pichai discussed Google's Machine Learning at great length. After all, hunting through the faces in each frame to figure out who you might want to send that gallery to is a good example of artificial intelligence skirting the line between "talented superhuman" and "uncomfortably superhuman". That includes an updated version of Google Googles, which will now be known as Google Lens.



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